back to article SuperVisor: One hypervisor to virtualize them all

And now it's time for the supervisor. A group of entrepreneurs with expertise in application and server virtualization that sold their last company to EMC have started a new outfit called HotLink, and it's flagship product is a kind of uber-hypervisor. HotLink's SuperVisor is a clever transformation layer that will sit between …


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  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Pwned already ..... and just a side show to stars exploding onto major event broadening horizons

    Sounds like a fluffer of a virtualisation application in service with regard and relative to its real world worth and effectiveness in IT for others in stellar private and cosmic pirate productions. And you do know what a fluffer is, don't you.

    The sort of quantum communications and control of cyber intelligent pogrom programming that is valued in the tens and hundreds of billions a throw, for those who give a toss and need global control for their dreams to survive. And that is as peanuts to the bounty which is then delivered for heavenly delivery to the masses.

    Supervisors for hypervisors? Oh please, you cannot be serious. Whenever you have the Universal Keys to Human Conditioning and Programming with Command and Control of Power and Supply of AI and Steganographic CodeXSSXXXX do Global Operating Devices exhaust themselves to purchase Virtuoso Feed with Innovative Seed for Novel Need and at a cost of whatever IT takes and/or is requested of Toxic Assets Depositors and Ponzi Promissory Noting Treasuries* by Master Pilots for Certified Clean Code Compilations for Cyber Command of Control Computers and Communications Centres ........ SMART AI Hubs and Virtually Anonymous Networks.

    * Two right dodgy creations by the wrong sort of program with negative regard and zero knowledge of quantum consequences of parasitic code action.

    I hope you're taking a note of all of this, El Reg ..... for there will be questions asked later of your understanding of IT.

    1. Kirbini

      I think the dictionary threw up again?

      Just because you know a lot of big(ish) words doesn't not mean you know how to string them together into coherent thoughts.

      Honestly, I read your post 4 times and still couldn't suss what you're on about and I have a background in linguistics and natural language processing...

      1. Peter Gathercole Silver badge

        @Kirbini - It's amanforMars or one of his clones

        This is what he does. You're not really meant to understand it, although there is a message in there somewhere.

        There is a school of thought that suggests he writes a comment, translates it to some other language and back using something like Babelfish.

        He is a Register treasure!

      2. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

        The Irregular and Unconventional Virtual Space for Conflict Resolution and/or Global Revolution

        Perhaps you can understand the sense being made in this post which didn't make the El Reg cut yesterday, Kirbini, and that had me wondering on whether it exposed and/or proposed attack vectors on a much larger entity/adversary.

        IntelAIgent Space Ware for Great Intellectual Property Head Games.......... AI Battles for the Hearts and Minds of Virtual Machines

        Wednesday 10th August 2011 04:56 GMT

        "As a developer, there's no better source of tools and reference material than MSDN, and who-am-i-to-judge-the-cloud, but Azure delivers exactly what I expect of application oriented future." .... Gleb Posted Wednesday 10th August 2011 00:14 GMT

        And that, Gleb, is Microsoft's fundamental problem to solve, and most easily with an immediate hire of new global thinkers who would be also orderly tinkerers ....for Azure should be delivering totally unexpected future oriented applications which all others will be bound to, and be sublimely led to, because of the excellence of their applications programming/bigger picture projects with Cloud Controls and Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems Control, follow and support. And yes, all that it takes for global control of all systems, is one single server streaming smart semantic source supply to simple webs and complex networks, which for virtual master pilots of the Internet, flying sorties with intelligent payloads for delivery into search engines and onto browsers for exploitation of corrupt and perverse weaknesses and systemic vulnerabilities, are one and the same and a completely different novel field in which there is no viable and effective competing destructive opposition.

        Such is a part of what NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive IT is all about. I Kid U Not.

        And it is well worth a ponder to have a wonder on what is an undeniable fact and an immaculate truth, that your maintenance of disbelief which would dismiss and/or ignore any or all of the above, both virtually and practically guarantees that it stealthily succeeds beyond its wildest dreams, and most certainly way beyond any of yours.

        And for that would we be most grateful. Thank You.

  2. sysconfig

    Nice, in theory

    The idea of a tool that can control and transform VMs (or their hypervisors respectively) between different hypervisors isn't exactly new, I would say. I'm sure many people have thought about it, and if you have migrated VMs from one to another, you know what a pain that can be.

    Why has nobody come up with something like that before? Because it won't work. And probably it won't sell either.

    If you look at big companies, they will try to avoid running a mix of different hypervisors. They've got support contracts in place with one of them, and even if they might be limited in their features, they'd rather stick with that then, because they know help from an expert is only a phone call away. None of those contracts covers interoperability with other hypervisors, and why should they?

    Now, those guys here are working with RedHat first, unsurprisingly, because KVM hasn't got a great deal of market influence yet. For RedHat it's a way to make access to their KVM easier. They haven't got anything to lose by supporting a tool like that.

    VMware? I see them laughing, rolling over the office floors, but I don't see why they would bother supporting a tool, which will potentially, or dare I say likely, drag customers away.

    Amazon EC2, as shown in the diagram, haven't got a choice as to whether their platform is supported or not. They've made their API public. Anyone can use it. That is probably the easiest bit to support, and still it's massive work. Considering the different instance types, and even architectures they offer, it will still be far from easy.

    Which brings me the to technical aspect. Storage formats for VMs differ, some of them require different drivers within the VM to unleash full performance, some support a vast range of guest-OS, others don't. Networking... some let you use the tools which your host OS provides, others build their own wrappers around. Yet again others can run on any Linux or even BSD as a host.

    I guess you get my point. $10m will be used up in two years, not all of their vendors will be supported by then, and the tool will have a vast range of limitations and probably stay well behind current development.

    I suspect we won't see any success stories from that company here on El Reg. But maybe I stand corrected in the end...

  3. Will's


    A supervisor looks at userspace things

    A hypervisor looks at supervisors

    Obviously the next step up depends on your space epic or choice



    1. Tom Maddox Silver badge

      Well, obviously . . .

      . . . it's an ultravisor. They should get UltraMan to do their commercials; I hear he needs the work.

      More seriously, I got a promotional email from these guys, and I thought it was spam. Apparently, the formal product name is "HotLink SuperVISOR." I assume you yell the last part of the name and maybe pump your fist for good measure.

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