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Not an app dedicated to the vicissitudes of India’s currency or an equivalent of Grindr for fans of watersports. No, RunPee is an app designed to tell when the best time is to dash out of a cinema auditorium and take a quick tinkle, without missing too much of the action. RunPee   RunPee Films by date, name or search with an …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    I prefer those large soda cups myself.

    No phone required.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Absolute, pure, unadulterated...

    ...genius! Or should that have been undiluted genius?

  3. Rovindi
    Thumb Down

    Taking the piss...

    This is on a par with the Android app that helps you "boil that perfect egg".


    1. P Zero


      Prefer endless puzzles and fart apps?

    2. BorkedAgain
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      There's an egg app?

      Genius... :)

  4. iworm


    "...and literally piss off everyone sitting behind you."

    No, I think you mean "...and piss off everyone sitting behind you and literally go and piss in the toilet."

    If not, I dearly hope I never sit behind you in a cinema.. Literally.

  5. Loyal Commenter Silver badge

    So presumably...

    For anything by Michael Bay, the interval where you can go to the loo without missing any of the plot starts just after the trailers, and ends at the credits?

  6. Jedit

    "Increment current time"?

    Shouldn't that be "excrement current time"?

    Mine's the one with the stoma pouch and catheter in the pocket...

  7. jonathanb Silver badge

    Should have been tagged NSFW

    Trying very very hard not to laugh after reading this review. Easily the most crazy app I've ever read about.

  8. Trib

    Also available on

    This app also available on Windows Phone 7.

  9. Field Marshal Von Krakenfart

    Start up

    Does this app have a splash screen on start up?

    Mine's the one that smells a bit....

  10. Anonymous Coward

    Another asinine "app".

    And just one more reason I have no desire to ever own a "smartphone".

    Mindless crap for mindless people.

    1. Matt Piechota


      "And just one more reason I have no desire to ever own a "smartphone"."

      Don't worry, with that failure of logic you might not be able to use one. :)

      (I kid! I kid!)

  11. Peter Bond
    Thumb Up

    I think

    that may be the funniest first line I ever read in the Reg. Came close to coffee/keyboard interaction moment. Good stuff.

  12. Anonymous Coward

    Does it work for other nature breaks?

    I assume so given the presence of Winne the Pooh in the screenshots.

    (Mines the one with the smuggled in non-ripoff snacks in the pocket)

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Re: Does it work for other nature breaks?

      Of course it does! But don't tell the apptards or they won't buy your separate, differently named, special-purpose application entitled "RunPoo".

  13. Anonymous Coward

    Will they introduce a paid version

    which will sound an alarm to wake you up at the exciting bits, tell you when need to put arm around girlfriend as it gets to weepy bit and the most important feature:

    sound an alarm when to hastily leave the cinema as you have peeved off the rest of the audience who are currently looking for the appropriate blunt instruments to deal with you and your phone

  14. AdamWill


    "or an equivalent of Grindr for fans of watersports"

    that line alone must have been something of an education for El Reg's more sheltered readers (assuming it has any). well played, sir!

  15. Lee Dowling Silver badge


    The average film is, what, 2 hours? You seriously can't go 2 hours without needing to pee? Unless you have a case of the runs or similar affliction, it's not difficult for either sex with appropriate planning - go before you go in.

    And if you have the runs, what the hell are you doing in a cinema giving your germs to all-and-sundry?

    1. Craig 12

      I will admit

      I missed a good bit near the end of the latest X-Men 'cos I was busting. Most of time, I have decent bladder control. 2 hours (+trailer time) after a large drink and popcorn, I'm finished. Do they interact on the way down? Sounds like some BS research that would get funding!

  16. peter 45


    I read the headline and thought "What a good idea. An App which lets me know where the nearest Loos are. Perfect for when my 4 year old announced he needs to go NOW."

    Bit disappointed when I read what it actually did but.......

    Anyone know of a LooFinder App?

    1. Francis Boyle Silver badge

      If you're in Australia

      you can use "The Australian National Public Toilet Map". Or more correctly the "Dunny Diviner"*. . Not very mobile-friendly but it does work. For the UK there's: Again, strangely, apparently without a mobile version. I'm not a great fan of the everything as an app paradigm but this could be an exception. At least for the fact that you could have GPeeS integration.

      *OK, I just made that up.

  17. John 62

    hmm. requires AIR; Android's app storage limit

    two good reasons to go iOS.

  18. bygjohn
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    Just for info

    And, please $deity, not to start yet another platform bitchfest; it's available on iOS too now.

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