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Anyone who’s tried wireless tech over the years knows how tricky and expensive it can be to get superior sounding audio around the home without wires. Step forth Swedish hi-fi brand Audio Pro, that has come up with a user friendly package that gives you a wireless transmitter/receiver duo. Audio Pro WF100q Plug 'n' Play: …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Does it have optical out?

    Sounds useful. But given that a lot of modern equipment has optical in, it would seem a bit daft to be restricted to analogue only.

    The optical out on an Airport Express is really handy for feeding in to a "proper" DAC (mostly because the onboard DAC one is pretty poor).

    Also (probably not of major importance), is the audio stream encrypted at all or is it broadcast in the clear? I hope they're using something a bit more robust than the "wireless webcam" 2.4GHz which lets you snoop on your neighbours with ease...

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Be aware that it picks up any computer sounds at the time...

    ...including e-mail notifications and Skype, if you haven’t quit those applications.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Makes squeezebox look good

    Brilliant, this makes the squeezebox touch I've just bought look even better value for money. Squeezebox plugs straight into my aged amp, and it also works with HD music rather than just 44.1kHz. Hate the idea that this will also pick up every other sound a computer makes.

  4. quartzie


    As anyone working with audio on computers would have noticed, adding a new audio device to the mix does not mean that it automatically picks up everything.

    As an example, designating your onboard audio device for communication (win7) means that any blurbs created by skype et al. do NOT go to your Hi-Fi setup over the air at all.

    What's more - if your favorite music app packs any grit, it will let you select the audio device you want it to use, instead of going for default.

    If you were interested in connecting to your hi-fi, you should have turned off any and all system sounds anyway.

  5. Jim 59

    Wrong price

    Why does the author say it sounds better then the £39 Maplin job ? Did El Reg do a double bind test, or could it be something to do with the £150 price tag ?

  6. N13L5

    if they supported DLNA, I'd buy one

    DLNA setup really is not complex, give me a break...

    These are expensive, they only stream audio in one direction, so they are useless for a headset with mic for musicians, and they can't even inter operate with smartphones and other DLNA devices?

    They're basically like a $150 one-way cable that needs 5V power on both ends.

    I wonder what their range is, did I miss that in the review..?

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