back to article Apple delivers Orange aid

Orange is again rewarding its customers with film content after teaming up with iTunes to offer a free movie download every week. Orange Film The company's new service Film to Go lets Orange customers grab one free film every Thursday to watch on their PC, laptop or iOS device. As with other rentals over iTunes, content …


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  1. SteveBalmer

    Problem is of course

    Is that you need to use/install iTunes.

    So no thanks Apple/Orange, you can fuck off...

  2. WonkoTheSane

    Triple fail.

    1: Not everyone has an iOS device.

    2: iTunes won't run on Linux.

    3: Worst movie list ever.

  3. Wheaty73

    @ moaning minnies above

    Get over this iTunes hate fetish, you sound like you are five. Use a proper computer and it runs fine.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      Actually I use iTunes on Windows 7 every day and it runs fine.

      Certainly no worse than some of the other multimedia applications I have used in the past.

      I would like one of the above tosspots to show me a single piece of software that can do all the things iTunes can. The usual crocks of shite they come up with I have tried, and are not good enough.

    2. djswivel

      iTunes works on a proper computer?

      Except that it doesn't. I use a "proper" computer and itunes crashes, stalls the computer and eats all my ram...

      I only use it for the ease of syncing my iPod (which I only own for the ease of connectivity to just about everything in the world).

    3. TheProf Silver badge


      I won't use iTunes because the last time I tried to install it, to get a FREE newspaper download, Apple wanted my credit card details. I got Linux for nothing though!

    4. JOKM

      Kidnapped Developer in Orange Server room.

      If you click the remind me on Thursday a little alert box appears with nothing more than the word 'help'

  4. Anonymous Coward



    I bought a blu-ray with 'free' digital edition, guess what...

    1) Not everyone has windows

    2) Not everyone has media player with its DRM

    Works both ways.

  5. JennyCide

    Stop Moaning

    Jeez, there's no pleasing some people. It's a free deal - you don't have to do anything. Yes, you need iTunes and yes the movies are mostly crap but has it cost you anything?

    If you come round to my house and I offer you a cup of coffee would you start shouting at me because you only drink tea out of china cups?

    Grow up.

  6. Anonymous Coward


    @JennyCide Umm, yes. If you read the article the "free"* movie costs 35p.

    * When Orange use the word free, for some reason it always seems to cost more than I feel it's worth.

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