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Sitting somewhere in the middle of entry-level scale, Nikon’s D5100 represents a considerable leap from its predecessor the D5000 and can be seen in some respects as a smaller, cheaper-built D7000. From its bigger brother it inherits the 16.2 DX-sized CMOS sensor; the Expeed 2 processor with 14-bit Raw shooting, the extensive …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Fun features?

    If Nikon brought out a body with a full frame sensor and a few more MP than my D90 for around 1000GBP and sod the fun features I might be tempted to upgrade. As it is, all the recent new models seem to be aimed at new buyers, not one of them has anything that would compel an existing user to upgrade. I avoid DX lenses just for the day when I can afford such a body. I live in hope that the rumoured D800 comes in well below the prices that are being put around.

    As for the D5100, yes. it seems to be nice camera but I won't be rushing out to buy one. Oh, the trash button is in a rather exposed place.

    1. Ru

      Avoiding small-sensor lenses is daft

      Though I'm a Canon user rather than Nikon, I've used several EF-S lenses and still own a 10-22 which for many years was one of the best rectilinear ltra-wide angle lenses on the market. It is currently worth about 400 quid more than I paid for it.

      The higher quality EF-S lenses (the 17-55 springs to mind) are pretty good, but the people who demanded 'full fram or nothing!' would get something like a 17-40L instead which was bigger, heavier, much more expensive, slower and non-stabilised. But hey, one day you'll get a full frame, right?

      Until you do, feel free to artificially limit your gear. Me, I'll be taking nice photos with my 'inferior' gear.

      1. Anonymous Coward

        Re: Avoiding small-sensor lenses is daft

        I think you've mis-read my post. I'm not avoiding DX lenses because of a quality issue I'm opting for full frame lenses so that when I do upgrade I won't have to buy the same lenses again, bad choice of word.

  2. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge
    Paris Hilton

    Keep Calm. Don't Worry

    Your wishes for a FF Body could be satisfied very soon. Nikon have a big announcement on the 24th of the month.


    Remember that all the Pro Lenses and FX bodies were made in Sensai. That was pretty badly hit by the Tsuami a few months ago.

    Nikon have moved a lot of the equipment needed to make this stuff to Malaysia (where the DX kit is made).

    I have a D700 that I'm looking to replace with a D800 around Christmas time.

    Mind you, the D700 is a really great camera. Walking around the West End at night and shooting street scenes at 6400iso with no flash is great fun.

    There will be plenty of secondhand D700's for sale if the predicted D800 is released very soon. That might be a better for you costwise.

    Paris coz she likes being full in the frame.

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  4. Alan Firminger

    See this

    An informative review is here :

  5. The Infamous Grouse

    I have to ask...

    What on Earth is going on in sample shot #5? My first thought was that someone had missed an NSFW tag from this article. Or have I just revealed too much about the way my mind works?

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    D5000 vs D5100

    As an owner of a D5000 (with the buttons down the left), I question the location of the delete button the the D5100! sounds like an accident waiting to happen.

    The [i] button you use to switch to edit-mode to change your shooting settings has now migrated to top-centerish - in reach of the thumb??

    Changing shooting settings on a camera this big is usually a two-handed affair. In fact, its faster to have the [i] on the left... it frees up your right thumb to work the D-pad and wheel to change the settings...

    I fail to see how having a side-hinged LCD is "much more useful for video recording"? Why? because it _looks_ more like a handy-cam's side-mounted LCD?

    Having seen some pics taken on the D5100 with the selective colour filter... it looks amazing. That is one feature I wish I had on the D5000 :)

    Beefing up the LCD was also a good choice by Nikon.

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