back to article eBay backs Flash new boy for storage

Out of nowhere, Nimbus, an all-flash array supplier, has beaten incumbents NetApp and 3PAR at eBay, with 12 arrays and 100TB of flash installed to accelerate eBay's server virtualisation work. Nimbus CEO Thomas Isakovich said: "It's one of the largest single deployments of flash anywhere... This is a seven-figure account for …


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  1. Pete 43
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    Be interesting to see the replacement stats

    each year

    1. govolsbm


      MTF numbers are still poor in this space. I didn't see anything on the internal redundancy.

      Agree with Lorddraco to a certain extent....Flash+SATA+Tape. It's the direction I am headed.

  2. ravenviz
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    About time

    Thin end of a very large wedge indeed.

    Disk is dead. Only flash and tape now.

    1. indulis

      Disk still here

      Silly comment about disk being dead. Disk has sustained write price/performance, capacity. Try creating a full storage system with a flash+tape solution and see how far you get with your $. Like most technologies it has its pluses and minuses. Silly shoot-from-the-hip comments don't have much credence.

  3. Lorddraco

    Flash and Largest SATA

    15K is almost dead .... if $ per GB only 20% to 30% or even max 50%. 15K RPM drives is redundant.

    SATA still has it play I think.

  4. 5media

    eBay Deploys 100 TBs of Nimbus Flash Memory for Virtualization

    According to Nimbus, eBay chose the company due to the “performance, efficiency, simplicity, and comprehensive SAN and NAS software capabilities of the Nimbus Sustainable Storage platform

This topic is closed for new posts.

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