back to article Nokia N9 joins next month's mobile match

It looks like Nokia's venture into the Meego market will come to fruition next month, after Orange Switzerland let slip the Nokia N9 release date as 15 September. The company is yet to officially announce availability for its high-end Meego machine, but the handset is definitely on the verge of release. However, with WinPho 7. …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    I can sense a lawsuit.... Just look at the rounded corners on those icons!

    1. Kristian Walsh Silver badge

      Don't be fooled by inferior imitations.

      Tch. A round-cornered rectange is a pale shadow of a superellipse (or "squircle" to the non-mathematical). And you can fit superellipses inside each other without having to recalculate the f@%£king corner radii every time.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    I don't know why...

    .... but the fact that it will be running an OS that no one else is running (at the moment) and that there is a chance that they won't make another like.... makes me _want_ to get it!

    1. Greg J Preece

      Believe me, I understand

      This is my only real alternative to Android. I don't want to use any of the big three on my personal phone, and Maemo was excellent for my purposes. I was hyped for its successor; such a waste...

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Count me in too.....

      If it turns out to be decent (i wouldn't just get it because it's different if it's also crap) then who cares if there aren't millions of others with the same phone or a million, mostly utterly rubbish or pointless apps out there for it. If it does what I need it to do then sounds good to me :)

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Thumb Up

      I have an N950 (as a developer)

      And the N950 is superb. Stable, easy to use, a genuinely good phone and has battery life in excess of 2 days with moderate usage. The N9 should be even better - lighter (as plastic not aluminium) and no keyboard (which isn't really needed as the screen keyboard is very good), AMOLED display and higher capacity battery.

      Shame on Nokia for not following it up, and also for trying to force WP7 on some regions where the N9 may not be offered. With those tactics, Nokia can shove their WP7 devices.

      1. Ru

        You lucky bugger

        The 950 was more or less the handset I've been waiting for, and I don't really have the time to pretend to be a developer to get one.

        I'm rather disappointed they won't make them for the rest of us.

  3. Sam Liddicott


    too late, don't require

  4. Nick
    Thumb Down

    New Nokia phone...

    ...and only 5 comments?

    'nuff said.

    1. Ilgaz

      These are good days

      This phone model is unique and a bit interesting. Just wait when they release their "Windows" phones, you will almost feel sad for them.

      After Feb. 14, Nokia is on my ignore list. I really don't care what they do, with which on purpose flaws to make people give up on Linux on mobile or whatever trick they do to developers this time.

      Not everyone is dumb. Them and their Redmond buddy forgets this fact. Don't buy that device since it will ship with some serious flaws to make new unofficial owner happy.

      Posted from perfectly working Nokia E71 Symbian handset.

      1. Steve Evans

        re: These are good days

        Agreed. Although my experience with the N97 (and the treatment of customers in the forum) had pretty much got them onto my ignore list a few months earlier. The announcement of bending over and taking it from Redmond just confirmed what those who had seen the previous lack of support were already starting to suspect.

        I've now got an HTC Desire Z, and although HTC don't seem to be much good at communicating with customers, they have finally managed to get the Gingerbread update out of the door.

        I did pick u and play with a Nokia (something, didn't pay much attention) in a 3 store the other day and it just felt old and sluggish. Pity, Symbian is a good OS, my old N95 was a very reliable phone and the battery life was great. Unfortunately Nokia just aren't worthy of being left in charge of an OS. Their front end patchwork on the N97 was just dire. It just felt like it was developed by 12 different teams, who never communicated! Amazing given the reputation Nokia have for liking meetings!

        Oh well, onwards and upwards as they say. I'm very happy with Android now. Good luck to Nokia with their mission to be unique running WM7, along with all the other unique WM7 platforms that are already out there...

        Maemo, such promise, what a sad sad end.

  5. Daniel 1

    Someone's already given it a 5 star review, I see

    World's full of optimists.

  6. David Lawrence

    Are those icons????

    Are they 'icons' on that screen? Do they 'run stuff' when you tap them? Can it make 'phone calls'? Do you use 'gestures' such as swiping the screen to scroll? Does it have 'pinch-to-zoom'? What about copy/paste? That device looks a bit rectangular to me...... does it have 'buttons' too? OMG the Apple Patent trolls will be all over it like a rash! Let's hope they have the Cupertinian Blessing before they go too much further.....

    1. Steve Evans

      re: Are those icons????

      I don't know about all your points, but Symbian phones have had copy and paste since before Apple started making their mini-fondle slabs, and maybe before they even started making their fondle-walkmans.

      Not that that would stop the US patent office from granting such a patent to Apple of course!

  7. Stefan 2

    Too little, too late

    After being burned with their N97 (I should have done my research first), the only handset I would have considered was the N900.

    Unfortunately for Nokia, by the time I hit my upgrade window, the Samsung Galaxy S2 was released and I jumped straight on the Android bandwagon with nary a second thought.

    With the N9 announced, I looked at its specs compared to my Samsung and I figure I still have a better deal, even though I would like the freedom of a 'proper' Linux handset.

    Sorry Nokia, you lost me as a previously loyal customer due to the rash of poor handsets you released and then (final coffin nail), jumping into bed with Microsoft.

  8. andy mcandy
    Thumb Up

    best unique phone ever...

    well, maybe its not unique, but it was certainly niche:

    the SE P910i. brilliant phone, awesome support and if the screen hadnt broken (at the same time as being given a iphone 3GS through work) i would probably still be using it now.

    tomtom satnav on it was brilliant


    /nostalgia trip

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    once bitten

    Twice shy.

    Here's to remind you of the N900 that will never get Meego.

    Intel partnership? "the open phone"? Don't you believe it.

  10. acliff

    Nokia Nostalgia

    I have to admit, that I do miss Nokia. Nokia had the best product, their phones were really easy to use, and still are. They have made one handed operation clean and smooth, this is the area they still have advantage of iPhone and Android. iPhone still has its weakness. Doing simple task such as pull up a contact to call someone is a lot more cumbersome than Nokia, because it almost always require two handed operation. Only until recently, there came out apps such as PhoneBook Classic that addresses this problem, still no sign of this type of product on Android phones. It would be alot better for Nokia if it has adopted Android. But teaming up with Microsoft has made it an more interesting situation. Almost like the three kingdoms period in Ancient China.

  11. N13L5

    so you call this a "decent" spec? I guess you're cutting poor Nokia extra slack..

    That is last year's spec...

    So, you're essentially saying thats decent for Nokia, given all the amazing troubles they have?


    Lets hope this isn't the only MeeGo phone and it won't be discontinued the second Elop's idiotic Windphones get released :/

    1. Kristian Walsh Silver badge

      It's a decent spec...

      ... when you don't have to run a JVM on it, and you've got GPU acceleration of your UI elements. If you had a look at one of the many videos online, you'd see that this phone runs smoother and slicker than the higher-specified Galaxy S 2.

    2. Steve Evans

      re: so you call this a "decent" spec? I guess you're cutting poor Nokia extra slack..

      "That is last year's spec..."

      That didn't stop the iPhone1 when it came out did it. The spec/feature sheet was pathetic. It just had a nice user interface, and the rest as they say is history.

  12. Andus McCoatover

    Bloody Elop/Wallop/whatever

    This does look good. Now, will the app. designer for the N9 kindly stand up, please? Ta Muchly.

  13. Paul 77

    I would love one...

    If they weren't horrendously expensive. Yes, like others above I would have liked Nokia to have made Meego available on my N900 - which I still use and love. I bought it unlocked for an awful lot of money, but have used it on two different networks, so it has definitely been very useful.

    I wonder how difficult it will be to unlock an N9... And how soon they will start appearing on eBay at sensible prices... And also, how long before someone ports Android to it :-)

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Nokia *have* made MeeGo available for the N900

      It's called the MeeGo N900 CE (Community Edition) - the name reflects the fact that it's not an official Nokia release despite being developed by Nokia. Get it from where you can find instructions on how to dual boot Maemo and MeeGo. Don't expect it to perform like an N9/N950 though - there's a reason these devices have 1GB RAM while the N900 only has 256MB.

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