back to article Skype/Facebook integration spawns hijack risk

A bug involving the method Skype uses to integrate with Facebook creates a possible account-hijack risk, security watchers warn. The latest update to Skype – version 5.5 – released last week, contains closer integration with the social network, allowing surfers to track Facebook status updates and post wall messages from the …


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  1. Code Monkey


    There are people I want to actually talk to over Skype and there are other people whose kitten pictures I want to see. There is practically no overlap between these groups of people.

  2. Studley

    I'm sorry, *Skype* is working on a fix?

    How about Facebook reduces developer headaches by preventing its API from serving up malicious code?

  3. Dave N

    Not for Mac

    This is all Skype for Windows. The latest Mac version (v5.2) is no longer usable following a botched redesign, and has never even had a sniff at Facebook integration. I used to care, but I don't use Skype any more.

  4. Old Handle



    Why would a Skype client even interpret JS in the first place? Are they actually *trying* to design it as insecurely as possible?

    1. ~mico

      Microsoft Skype

      The title says it all. They will succeed, too.

  5. Trib

    Not part of MS, yet.

    "Microsoft-owned VoIP outfit fixed with a server-side update last week"

    As I understand they aren't owned by MS yet. I though that October is when they expected the deal to be complete.

  6. Michael Kean

    Yay for Hippos!

    I'll stick with Skype version 4 until they kill it. When they kill it, I'll leave completely.

    Likewise, Skype 1 on Android vs 2 on Android. has plenty of old versions you can fetch.

  7. Equitas

    It didn't need Microsoft ........

    to kill Skype. There's been a death-wish there for a long time.

    It's bad enough having one's Skype account hacked into again and again and money removed from Skypeout -- but the total inability to the system to allow access to a sane human to restore one's identity just beggars description.

    It's a pity, because it was a rather useful instant messaging system for worldwide contacts. Especially for communicating with busy people who can answer as and when convenient.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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