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Microsoft’s Summer of Arcade has become something of an institution these last few years, ushering in the release of some of the best seen download-only games yet seen; the likes of Limbo, Braid, Shadow Complex and last week’s Bastion to name but a few. Up next is From Dust, a release with a pedigree all of its own in the gaming …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Sounds great

    But they really should have a "Here is a world with some villagers in it, do what you will" sandbox mode.

    Just look at what minecraft lets people accomplish with nothing more than a shovel and pick.

  2. Ian Yates


    Sounds well worth the £10 for some light-hearted evening gaming.

    Actually, it really sounds like what I thought the final Populous would be like - not the awful travesty that tarnished the series' name. Maybe I'll save myself £10 and brush off my Populous II copy in DOSBox :) Armageddon!

  3. Anonymous Coward

    One can't help but wonder... much trickier it was because of the console controls, rather than a good ol' mouse/keyboard combo.

    And a related thought occurs - how cool this (and other god genre games) would be with a touch interface?

  4. foxski

    Happy sysadmin day!

    Agree 100% with review. Could have been amazing, but trying to scroll across a map and accurately scoop and dump a swirling ball of sand is not as satisfying as it could be when you're struggling with analogue sticks, mouse would be perfect.

    The graphics also seem quite limited (sometimes hard to see your men running around) but for a £10 you cant argue its great value for money. Plus, as with all XBLA games there's a free trial to see if its your cup of tea, although I imagine the later levels are more fun than the ones in the trial.

  5. Robert Carnegie Silver badge

    Small Gods

    You -prevent- your chosen people from dying horribly in natural disasters? What kind of "God" game -is- this?

    Best guess is, the computer is a more powerful, bitterly resentful and jealous God that raises up these catastrophes against the followers of other Gods. Now -that's- realistic.

    1. Arctic fox

      Small minded Gods

      Quite right. You are not supposed to *save* your people, you are supposed to *smite* them. Visit plagues upon them. You know, punish them. Generally make their lives an absolute misery so that they will be grateful for the (rare) occasions when you leave them alone.

      Choice of icon? There isn't a gods icon so I figured this one would do just as well.

  6. mike_ackee

    Why are software reviews posted in RegHardware ?

    .. just wondering.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Good question

      My guess is because console = hardware, game runs on a console so the two are directly associated therefore it makes more sense to be on here than the main El'Reg.

      Although if you're a PC gamer, then a game = just software, so why not have a games header under 'Software' on El'Reg.

      I've seen this question raised before, perhaps El'Reg should have a competition and the first person with the right answer gets ... umm ... a Smartie (not a blue one).

    2. dogged


      because you touch yourself at night.

  7. DayDragon

    Tried it on XBox trial

    I tried this out last night, looked promising at first but didn't like the xbox controls and not being able to see your guys properly turned me off.

    Some may like it though

  8. CD001


    I was intrigued - thought I might give it a bash for £12 when it comes out on PC... then realised it was published by Ubisoft - screw it, not buying that then.

    1. Anonymous Coward


      Looked interesting at a decent price.... then UBISoft logo came up on the trailer... sale lost.

  9. Anonymous Coward


    Y'arrr... hoist the Jolly Roger?

  10. PaulR79

    PC Version (possibly PS3 version too)

    I was pretty annoyed when I found out the PC version isn't due out for another three weeks, around 13th August, so I went to rant on the official Facebore page to post about it. Someone called "Simon Nicholson" replied stating......

    "Hey Paul, the reason the Console version was released earlier because it has to be toned down to run on Console hardware (limitations and such)

    Whereas the PC Version has to be built to run on multiple different types of Architecture. The game also gets superior graphics and hopefully more content.

    I also believe the PS3 version isn't out yet aswell."

    I don't know if they are in any way related to the game but it makes a little sense. I still would have preferred a 'normal' version release at the same time as the 360 with updated graphics a little later.

  11. Greg J Preece

    I'll wait for the PC version

    Every complaint I've heard against this game is along the lines of "the console controls are crap", as is almost always the case with strategy/God games, so I'll wait for the PC version and use a mouse.

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