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I’ve been after an affordable and reliable way to stick an HTC Desire HD to a windscreen or desk for some time. Yes, there are plenty of options out there, but they have all been too expensive - HTC’s own car mount will set you back £50 - too fragile, too wobbly or just too cheap and nasty. Exogear Exomount The Exomount …


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  1. Tegne
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    I've been looking for a half-decent generic mount like this.

    But the user reviews are a bit thin on the ground with the only 1/2 decent one commenting there's quite a bit of shake when used as a car mount. Can you comment?

    1. N13L5

      Smart looking mount, but...

      Sadly, its one more mount without the ability to attach to a tripod.

      As far as mounts go, there are some really smart ones on eBay for $5.

      They are flatter (less voluminous than this one too, so your device can be mounted closer to whatever object you're clipping it to)

      I still like the design of this one a lot,

      But its neither the cheapest working choice, nor is it the best for all applications. Having a sucktion cup as the only option of attachment has turned out impractical for me on a previous holder...

      Comments on the build quality would make it easier to decide wether to add it to my collection of holders...

  2. Danny 14 Silver badge


    perfect. I was looking for something similar for my desire Z which is quite heavy and thick.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Hmm, looks quite nifty...

    ...I was after a car mount for my GSII and went for an air vent clip one as I didn't really want to have it so on display to the world on the windscreen, unfortunately unclipping it from the air vents at the end of a journey is not always quick and/or easy as the clips are essentially barbed but if this will stick to the dash or somewhere similar it might be worth a punt. I do quite like this minimalist giant bull dog styling and might get one for my white desk at work.

    Right, well, that's enough inane babbling from me. It's midday on a Friday and mine's a cider, where's my....oh there it is!

    1. Piro

      Vent mounts are better, yes

      I bought a vent mount with a specific attachment for my phone, which results in it being a lot more stable and a lot less bulky than any generic one.

      Sure, I leave the vent attachment on when I leave the car, but only the small part that the phone clips onto, not the actual phone holder itself.

      Ultimate Addons is the brand, and they go for about 12-15 quid on ebay. I'd recommend them.

  4. frank ly

    It could work.....

    "... to stick it to your desk, wall, dog or ..."

    If you clipped it (with a bit of padding) to the scruff of a dogs neck, the dog wouldn't feel any discomfort and different people in a family home could then call the dog to them so they could use the phone (or maybe a tablet) for a short time.

    1. Sir Runcible Spoon


      Oh the hilarity that this springs to mind.

      Cruel tricks such as playing a cat meowing etc. and watching the dog spin itself up it's own arsehole :D

      Not that I would do such a thing of course, the thought police haven't found me...yet.

  5. Jon Massey


    Doesn't take into account the $49 shipping charge!!

    1. David Gosnell

      In that case, try...

      for under £20 delivered

  6. FanMan

    Wobbly.... 90%???

    Apparently its a bit shaky which makes it hard to read the screen when vibrating at speed. Amazon review:

    "There is one flaw I see so far, although the phone is held in the same position, it does vibrate around more than it should (I am comparing this to another phone mount I have).

    The 'ball and socket' joint is not as tight as it should be and I cannot see how to tighten it more than it is (not very). Hence I may try putting a washer in to see how that helps.

    The wobbly issue is a big one, as you cannot see details on the screen if the phone is shaking around... If it was tight, it would be a 4->4.5 star. As is, 3 stars. Maybe with the washer I can make it what I want. "

  7. mamsey

    Cat mounting...

    I immediately thought of this video and how to amalgamate the 2 into some sort of useful something or other:

  8. Tom Jasper

    Alternative Spider

    As an alternative, might one recommend the Breffo Spiderpodium as an alternative generic mount

    1. thefutureboy
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      Looks good!

      That Spiderpodium thingy looks like just what I need for a universal mount for my Desire. Have a thumb! ;-)

  9. Kirbini

    But will it stay mounted on my motorcycle?

    My speedo is shot and I"m looking for a way to use on old iPhone 3G with speedo app to replace it. Much cheaper plus maps, etc. Bonus us I could play Angry Birds on my way to Sturgis.

    Haven't yet found a mount or charger suitable for the purpose though.

    1. Tegne

      I hope this is a tongue-in-cheek post!

      Or do you also wear boots with really really thick soles instead of relying on replacing your worn-out brakes!

      1. Kirbini

        Brakes, shmakes

        Rubber on the soles but diamond plate on the heels for the sparks and that great face crunching action.

  10. Anonymous Coward

    No Suction

    All these suction type mounts wear out and start dropping off after a while. I actually have a Garmin Universal Friction Mount for my SatNav which works surprisingly well. Its not just friction, but a heavy bag of lead shot which keeps it in place.

    Tempted to try something like a Dash Mat or similar for the phone:

  11. Al Taylor

    From the author

    @ FanMan

    I've been using the review unit as a screen mount for three weeks now in several cars - including a trip down the M6 in a Ford Transit - and there has been no sign wobble, shake, rattle or indeed roll - it's every bit as solid as any satnav unit I've had on test. Also there is a cuff around the ball/socket joint to tighten it up if needs be.

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