back to article Punters favour Amazon to block Apple tablet flood

So you don't want an iPad, but you are keen on taking hold of a tablet. Which one are you going to go for? If a survey of fondleslab-fond shoppers is anything to go by, it'll be an Amazon job. US price comparison site Retrevo asked a thousand website browsers about their tablet buying plans. Beyond Apple, Amazon was the clear …


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  1. jai


    this kinda sucks for all the other manufacturers then.

    over half the people asked would rather wait in the hope that a future, rumoured product will be better than the current ipad, instead of buying one of the currently available alternatives

    wasn't there a similar survey last year about how most people were going to wait for the RIM Playbook - and we know how well that turned out!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Looking at it another way

      I think that what people are really saying is two things:

      Firstly that they don't really want a tablet and secondly that they like Amazon a whole lot more than Apple.

      What I think Apple need to take home from this is that a whole lot of people don't like them.

  2. Ritesh Tendulkar


    They may have been saying they will buy it from Amazon ( as in the website not the brand)!

  3. Aitor 1 Silver badge


    As a previous poster comments, they would buy it FROM amazon, but not AN amazon tablet.

  4. CT

    Minor point on the pie chart...

    it asks "Are you planning to buy one this year" and **all** the answers are variations on "Yes".


    1. Bassey

      Re: Minor point on the pie chart..

      "it asks "Are you planning to buy one this year" and **all** the answers are variations on "Yes".


      The original version of the pie-chart has a little disclaimer at the bottom indicating that they have only used the "Yes" answers. If you go to the source you can see the original chart but the survey was "Of people who want a tablet this year, who will buy what".

  5. Peter 48

    what about ASUS?

    Why wasn't ASUS listed in there, especially seeing as they currently have the most successful non ipad tablet on the market at the moment?

    1. SteveBalmer

      I think we all know

      why it wasn't listed.....

      Because it would mess up the who point of the chart that lies with it's cherrypicked data that suits Apple's story...

  6. Anonymous Coward 101

    Which of these manufacturers would you consider buying from?

    What a daft question.

    It seems to imply that if a lowly ranked manufacturer brought out an awesome product in the next year, nobody would buy it. In reality, people would reassess their plans because of the newly available product - just like people reassessed their plans to buy RIM Playbooks when it turned out the product was underwhelming.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Flawed a bit?

    There are so many flaws in this "survey" I don't know where to begin.

  8. 404

    In my little part of the world....

    Some are dumping their iPads for Android tablets - had someone get upset with me the other day when I turned another someone on to the Acer Iconia tablet (Staples had a $100 off coupon for any tablet other than Hp - good through the 30th) because he had already arranged for that person to buy his iPad2 - he wants an Android tablet.

    Go figure, eh? What does that say?


    1. M Gale

      Not just your corner of the planet.

      Oh I already know someone who has Apple Everything as far as "real" computers are concerned. That much will probably not change.

      However, for him the iPad is way too big, way too expensive and a complete disappointment when we both thought it was going to be a tablet computer rather than a really big iPod. He seems to like the 7" form factor of this Galaxy Tab though, not to mention the iPhone4 owner I know who asked me "why can't I do that" when I started playing with alternative app launchers. I do try to keep any bile to a minimum outside of Register comment sections and other online fora, but I just couldn't think of any more tactful answer than "because Apple won't let anybody make one".

      And yes, those survey questions are really, really poor. You don't buy Samsung gear from Samsung, but you might buy it from Amazon!

  9. calagan

    An e-Reader is not a tablet

    It's just plain nonsense to put Amazon and iPad in the same chart. The Kindle is meant to read books whereas the iPad is a mobile computing device.

    Of course you can read books on the iPad, but it's painful to the eyes (especially if you've already spent the whole day working in front of a computer) and those who've tried to bring their iPad to the beach (or the park) to read a book on a sunny day have clearly understood the benfits of the Kindle e-Ink technology.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Artificial Distinction

      As far as the average consumer is concerned your distinction is completely artificial. To the average consumer a tablet is a monolithic computerized device with a touch screen taking up most of one side. IOW it's the way the thing looks, not what they choose to do with it that matters. If all they want to do is read then where's the beef?

      I just don't see the point of the ipad and it's ilk. Or rather I can't see that I would ever have a use for such a device. I can see the point of the Kindle, but think the media is overpriced.

  10. jbelkin

    Amazon choice not real

    Basically when FORCED to choose among non apple choices, the best of the rest is amazon but note, through they also note they will NOT pay more than 250 for a non iPad which pretty muhsaysnothing since no one can create a 10" tablet and make money other than apple. Amazon sold kindles for 4 years - apple outsold kindles after 3 months -amazon has NEVER -announced sales numbers for kindles, why? They are humble? Bwahaha ... Amazon is a great company but asking them to compete with apple is like comparing an suv to a fighter jet ... They are two entirely different companies.

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