back to article Ofcom posts broadband, mobile punter satisfaction scores

Orange has topped Ofcom's latest broadband customer satisfaction poll, though it remains some way behind the lead in the regulator's equivalent survey of mobile networks. Ofcom annually samples punters to see whether they're satisified, dissatisfied, or don't care one way t'other with the service provided by their service …


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  1. PatC


    No way so few people complained about Virgin.

    B*stards hiked my bill from £25 to £39 without bothering to tell me.

    OK, I should have kept a closer eye on my bank account, but to me, a 56% price hike counts as a "significant change" to my package: apparently to Virgin, it's completely normal.

    1. Gerard Krupa

      Re: Hogwash!

      Something to do with coming to the end of an introductory offer perhaps? I've never failed to receive plenty of notice in writing when they up their prices.

  2. Parax


    Scores 101% well done.

  3. Kubla Cant

    Satisfied with what?

    It's not clear whether the mobile users were expressing satisfaction with the quality of the comms, or the quality of the customer service, i.e. the excuses they get when the comms are rubbish.

    My experience with Orange (aka Nothing Anywhere) is that it usually takes several attempts to make a call, calls often drop out, and lots of incoming calls are routed to voicemail even when my phone isn't busy. The data connection varies between slow and non-existent. All these problems occur despite the fact that the phone is showing a strong signal, from which I infer that it's the network that's rubbish.

    Perhaps the low Orange dissatisfaction score reflects the fact that the pollsters couldn't make contact with many Orange customers.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    what strikes me more ...

    Talktalk come out 5th on customer satisfaction with an entire 52%.

    Therefore everyone 6th and below score less than 52% ... which implies that an incredibly small percentage of users overall are actually satisfied. Will the companies involved listen to what they've just been told? I doubt it.

    I recently advised twatwat for example (refuse to call them by their real name more than once) that I was changing bank accounts and that they needed up date the DD instruction. The bod on the phone said it would go smoothly. Alas, it did not. I received a phone call from my bank on DD day to say that twatwat wanted to take money out of my ever-so-nearly-closed account and I said that the bank should take funds from another account, pay the DD then close the account. Here the bank failed as well, the money was transferred, the DD was returned unpaid, the account was closed and the money was put back into my other account. twatwat then wrote to me dated the 29th telling me the DD was unpaid. That was a friday. Then they wrote to me with a letter dated one full day later, a saturday when they are closed, to tell me that if I don't pay within 5 seconds they are going to shoot me etcetc.

    They gave me one entire, office-closed, day to sort out the first ever missed payment in two years before they threatened to kill me, my credit rating and my internet connection. I unpolitely told them to close my account and I'm now an O2 bb customer. (Can only get BT wholesale on my exchange). So yeah, I'm surprised that twatwat scored 52% satisfied.

    1. Dave Jewell

      RE: what strikes me more ...

      Your experiences with "twatwat" mirror my own. Only positive thing I can say about them is that it took 'em a whole year before they realised they weren't charging me money!! So I got a year's broadband free, and with frequent dropped-connections, speed never greater than 0.5MBytes/sec, I probably got what I paid for. Eventually managed to escape their evil clutches, and now have a rock-solid, 8MB/sec connection with Sky. Twatwat is assuredly the most incompetent ISP I've ever dealt with.

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