back to article Feds investigate $17m of missing kit at CompUSA

The FBI have taken charge of investigations into the reported theft of $17m (£10.4m) worth of electronics allegedly stolen from Systemax-owned CompUSA by two brothers of fired exec Gilbert Fiorentino and other former employees. Only last month, the SEC confirmed it was looking into matters surrounding the departure of …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Oh Miami...

    Couldn't have happened (allegedly) in a more predictable place.

  2. Sir Barry


    "CompUSA loss prevention manager Ronald Lopez"

    He should be fired as well, not exactly doing a good job is he?

    Mmmmm, Friday pint.

    1. Lance 3

      New title

      Maybe he just needs a new title; "CompUSA loss manager."

  3. nichomach

    17...million...dollars worth...


  4. danolds

    Not so much...

    I used to shop at CompUSA when they had a local store in my city. Judging from the prices they charged back then, that $17 million could be a couple of boxes of CAT5 cable, some laptop memory, and printer ink...

  5. Tom 13

    CompUSA is still around?

    I thought they went belly-up around the same time as Commodore. Though if they've been stealing from the chain, that might explain why they went under whenever it was.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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