back to article Gamer claims complete console collection

Collectors take things to extreme measures, such is the nature of their interest. Videogame enthusiasts have a similar mentality. Therefore, imagine what happens when the two combine. While in Valencia last week, I ran into 'Sergiokillo' - as mentioned in my Campus Party roundup - a bloke who has spent a long time building up …


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  1. Tom_

    Philips CDi

    Can't see one of those in there.

    1. Paul RND*1000

      Amiga CDTV

      Someone else beat me to the CD32, but mention of the Philips CDi reminded me the CD32 had a predecessor.

      1. Giles Jones Gold badge

        No C64GS

        No C64 Games System either. It was basically a C64 with no keyboard and the cartridge slot moved to the top.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    No Sega Master System


    1. GregC

      Master System is there...

      Don't see a Mattel Intellivision though, had hours of fun with that as a kid....

    2. MrWibble


      This one:

      Or this one:

    3. Tom 260


      He does have two, just with an incorrect spelling:

      "Marter System - Marter System II"

    4. Anonymous Coward


      Right hand set of shelves, 1st up from the bottom, right hand side...

      My parents might have an old sega menacer lying around somewhere, and possibly even the light gun for the master system (I thought they worked on pure magic when I was a wee nipper...)

    5. A. Lewis

      "required (letters and/or digits)"

      That's quite an omission.

      I also notice he's lacking a 3DS, but maybe he just hasn't got one _yet_.

    6. stucs201

      No master system

      but he seems to have a 'marter' system, looks kinda similar...

    7. miknik

      Did you look at the page?

      He has Master System and Master System II

    8. Shades
      Paris Hilton

      I'd be more...

      ...disappointed about your ocular abilities if I were you...

      //Should have gone to Specsavers?

    9. Anonymous Coward

      RE: No Sega Master System

      You sir, Fail.

      Both a sega master system and a sega master system II in the left hand cabinet, one shelf above the bottom.

    10. mjelms

      Actually has two...

      Just calls it a Marter System.

    11. The Fuzzy Wotnot


      Isn't that an SMS in the left cab, right hand side, second shelf up?

    12. kissingthecarpet

      Here it is

    13. Floridally

      Marter System

      It's there! Oh, wait, it's a "Marter System" apparently. My mistake.

    14. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      It's there.

      There's a version 1 and a v2 in there even.

    15. David Neil

      Yes he does

      Scroll down to the 3rd generation titles

    16. craigj


      I can see a master system 1 & a master system 2 in there!

    17. Gordon Barret


      If you look at the actual article then you will find that there is indeed a Sega Master System - called Marter System of course...

    18. The Splund

      Yes there is..

      ...but it's listed as "Marter System"

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Amiga CD32

    Yep no CD32 from what I can see.

    And given he has a Amstrad 4000GX in there, where's the Commodore 64GS?

    I'm sure plenty of others will find some missing consoles too :)

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Amiga CD32

      Yup, couldn't see that either... How about the prior Commodore CDTV? Should that count?

    2. Shades

      My first thought was also...

      the CD32, so I'll now go with the CDTV instead. If the first poster can suggest the Philips CDi then I can suggest the CDTV :)

    3. The Indomitable Gall


      Someone else remembers the 64GS then!!!

    4. Anonymous Coward
      Thumb Up


      I loved the CD32. If Amiga had pushed it a bit harder, I think it could've beaten the PlayStation. Especially given that I recall you could add hard disks, floppy drives, and generally hack them into an Amiga 1200/CD32 hybrid to have a games console that was a computer too.

  4. Emo

    Missing Consol #1


    Nowhere to be seen.

    But I do have one :)

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      No Sega Nomad (portable genesis/megadrive):

      No Wondermega:

      No Multi Mega:

    2. Anonymous Coward

      I am sure....

      that the owner of the console collection wll offer you a few quid for it !!

  5. Dr Insanity

    Philips G7000

    Pretty sure I had a Philips cartridge based console... quick google search and the one that looks like it is a Videopak G7000

    @Micky1 - saw both a Master System and a Master System II in there under 3rd gen, with the atari 7800, Amstrad GX4000 and the NES - big question is, did he have the Sonic one, or the Alex Kidd one? Alex Kidd FTW!

    I had one of those silver Galaxy boxes from his tabletop set, awesome game!

  6. Jolyon


    No Merlin and no Tapwave Zodiac as well as many, many Game and Watch classics.

  7. Anonymous Coward


    He's missing the Mattel Intellivision:

    oh how many hours did I waste on that?!

  8. Matthew Banwell


    He appears to be missing the Amiga CD32, Amstrad GX4000 and the Commodore 64 Games Systems for starters - but I don't want to be the one to tell him.

  9. Anonymous Coward


    The vector console, or did i just skip over it?

  10. Retron

    No Intellivision

    No Intellivision console - or any of its successors or clones.

  11. Luke McCarthy


    Where's the SG-1000, SG-1000 Mark II and Mark III?

  12. phil 21

    jaguar CD

    can't see one in the pics

  13. Jolyon

    And . .

    No Vectrex

    1. moonface

      Hamleys once had free Vectrex consoles

      I was never lucky enough to have a Vectrex of my own but I remember the excitement as a kid, travelling up to central London on the tube, then playing on the ones in Hamleys.

      In the early 80's the Hamley's basement was like an Aladdins cave of electronic wonders. Kids used to spend all day in there with free Vectrex, Atari, Intellivision, Astro Wars, etc. Magic times and far cheaper than going down to Heathrow Airport to play the arcade games there.

  14. Luke McCarthy

    Some more

    No Intellivison, Cassette Vision, Super Cassette Vision? There's a TuroboGrafx but no PC Engine consoles (original, Core Grafx, Super Grafx, Duo, Duo-R, Duo-RX, etc.) No Famicom? 32x? Multi-Mega? Vectrex?

    This is FAR from complete.

  15. Stuart Archer


    He's missing Pong!

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Tiger Electronics hand-held LCDs

    Sonic the Hedgehog, Street Fighter II, Space Harrier - actually there were hundreds of these.

  17. Mikey D

    No Vectrex!

    How can any collection be complete without one!?

  18. MacRob


    Impressive, but no Vectrex, or any of the Odyssey systems.

    Magnavox Odysseys (1975-1977)

    Odyssey 100

    Odyssey 200

    Odyssey 300

    Odyssey 400

    Odyssey 500

    Odyssey 2000

    Odyssey 3000

    Odyssey 4000

    Philips Odyssey Series

    Odyssey 200

    Odyssey 2001

    Odyssey 2100

  19. Bruno Girin


    1. Iainn


      The Pandora is not a console...

  20. martyn 3
    Thumb Down


    missing the -

    Sega Multi-Mega/CDX

    Sega Nomad

    at least 3 3do consoles (wheres the fz1!?)

    a handheld released around the mid eighties (a whack a mole game)

    and a few portable stereo/console combos

  21. JIMJAM


    I don't see a Vectrex there

  22. Mike Brown

    psp go?

    actually never mind that, where is the original psp? the psp 1000.

    and agreed, the amiga cd32 is missing.

    also did it mention a psx?

    but still, its a stonking collection

  23. BulldogUK


    He's missing an Intellivision by Mattel, my very first console, released in 1979! Think I might still have it stored somewhere...!

  24. Mark Gowdy

    Vectrex Console

    I miss my ol' Vectrex. Mindstorm was an amazingly addictive and playable little game.

  25. John G

    No Nintendo Famicom Disk System

    The model with the external disk drive isn't apparent.

    I used to have one of those.

  26. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Now when my girlfriend moans about me refusing to get rid of old computer junk, I can point her at this page.

    Wonder if this guy has a girlfriend.

  27. Thomas 4

    Spotted some missing

    He has a pretty good selection of LCD games but what he doesnt have is the LCD game wristwatches, of which there were 5 or so. Naturally, I have them all, thus making me superior to him.

  28. David 135

    Some missing

    Master System is in there, CD32 is missing. Quite a few of the recent emulator-based handheld consoles are misssing, including the Pandora.

    And how about the Nintendo 3DS? Or the PSP Go? Or the iPod Touch?

    Major omissions.

  29. Raindancer

    Binatone TV Games

    I had the Black and White Mk10. These consoles were made in the UK in the 1970s.

  30. Anonymous Coward

    If it was the games not the consoles...

    ...He would need several rooms filled to the top with ATARI cartridges. And a shovel to unearth an ET cartridge from the landfill.

    Hey, I can spot the Master System, try the lower left corner cabinet, with a red label across the front.

    Can you spot a Neo Geo? or a 3DO? What about the 3 builds of Sega Genesis, 2 builds of Playstation I (X and One) 2 builds of PS2 (regular and slim)...

    Someone needs to list all of them.

    I'd rather be playing them instead of counting them.

  31. Spindreams

    Original pong handheld

    No original Pong handheld, the first portable "console" IYAM. Good effort anyway, great to see some of the things I used to play a lot like the galaxy 2 and Donkey Kong II which I remember taking to school to play at break times.

  32. User McUser

    No Vectrex either

    The Vectrex had a vector graphics engine and supported a light pen. Does anyone under 30 remember those?

  33. stucs201

    Amstrad Mega PC?

    Ok not a 'pure' console, but there was one in there in addition to the PC.

  34. stucs201


    Can't see it...

  35. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    wot? No Mattel intellivision?

    He's got various other Mattel kit, but no Intellivision. Major gap in the collection...

  36. Xris M
    Thumb Down


    Missing the Sega 32X, which is needed to make the Sega Mega-CD 32X.

  37. sabroni Silver badge

    good, but hardly complete

    No fairchild channel f either...

  38. zkysr
    Thumb Down

    Missing 50+ consoles

    No Intellivision is unforgivable

  39. Anonymous Coward


    Boxes, where is the original boxes? .

  40. The Fuzzy Wotnot


    Is that AstroWars at the top left?! Jeez, I remember bugging my parents for it one Christmas and I played it death until I could beat it over and over without stopping! How to waste a childhood, LOL!

  41. Jamchal
    Thumb Up


    PS3 Fat version (pre-slim)

    PS2 Slim Black (not silver)



    anything that plays igames

    psp slim

    xbox 1st gen translucent

    jap version of snes

    Damn good collection though!! :D

  42. Mike VandeVelde

    coleco tabletops?

    I didn't see any of these:

  43. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    No Pong? No Intellivision?

    I don't think you can even remotely say you've got a complete set without at least having one of the Pong consoles.

  44. ADJB

    couple more

    I don't see a 3DS. PSP Go and not sure if this counts but no Vectrex either.

    Also for those fans of Ashens there seems to be a distinct lack of POP stations and Dingoo's.

  45. Richard 74


    I don't see one... Or a Fat PS3 - if he's got a 360 original and slim, he should have both PS3s. Same with PSP, he's got 2000 and 3000, where's Base?

  46. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Can't see a vectrex.

    Not that complete then.

  47. Richrootes


    No Intellivision either.......

  48. BuddahTech


    Missing one of these

  49. R 4

    Wot no PC Engine?

    Maybe I'm blind, but I can't see any of the 100s of variants of the NEC PC Engine (TurboGrafx in the US I seem to remember), definitely the best 8bit console ever made. I was lucky enough to write the Japanese Import column for a games mag when I was 14/15 yrs old... endless days wasted playing 5 player Bomberman. I've got several Engines up in the loft, along with my beloved Japaenese PC Engine handheld - first colour handheld I seem to remember, came out just after the first Gameboy They were as rare as hen's teeth over here at the time... nothing like making your mate's jaw drop when he sees you playing an arcade-perfect version of R-Type on the bus to school :-)

  50. Anonymous Coward

    Oh dear

    No Vectrex?

  51. Ian Stephenson

    Phillips G7000

    also missing

  52. Ramazan

    Fujitsu FM Towns Marty


  53. Anonymous Coward

    No Binatone Pong

    I don't see a Binatone Pong console. Sadly, mine disappeared years ago, else I'd happily donate it to him! Damned impressive collection he has there though - you;re right, that's a mini-museum all by itself..

  54. CmdrX3

    Don't see any Acetronic MPU 1000/2000's

    He appears to be lacking my very first console.

  55. Dana W


    Mattel Football II? Even I have Football one and I'm not even a collector!

  56. Johnny Canuck

    This is not a title

    Didn't see a Colecovision.

  57. Anonymous Coward

    Impressive but......

    I didn't see a Mattel Intellivision. ( other Mattel stuff , but not the Intellivision )

    Which I actually have :)

  58. John Greenwood 1

    More Missing

    OK, more add-ons than full consoles, but where's the Sega 32X or the Atari Jaguar CD?

    No Vectrex either.

    Nice collection though, but far from complete

  59. Simon King

    Others missing:

    Jaguar, but no Jag CD

    Sega SG1000

    Original Famicon

    JVC Wondermega

    Philips Geopac 7000

    Others have clocked the CD32 and CD>i. I dug my 32 out only last week to play Beneath a Steel Sky! It's impressive to see a PCFX in the collection, but I'd reckon there's probably better out there.

  60. P1Eface

    TurboExpress/ PC Engine GT

    portable PC Engine and decent bit of kit in its day

  61. Lonewolf

    Atari 5200?

    I might have missed it but I looked several times for the Atari 5200. I have the 2600, 5200 and the 7800.

  62. Donald Miller

    Bally Arcade

    The best controllers ever — 3-axis joystick mounted over a pistol-grip trigger! Required two hands, but easier than any of the thumb-killers. If he is willing to pay the postage, he can have mine.

  63. Peter Kay

    Nope, not complete

    There is a SMS if you study the other pages (, but it's still not complete :

    Possibly no Atari 5200 (not listed, can't see if it's in the Ataris), no Vectrex, no Tapwave Zodiac and no CD32. The absence of the Vectrex and CD32 are especially disappointing.

    Still, that's a damned impressive collection in decent condition.

  64. marcinski

    Off the top of my head...

    No Mega-CD I or Sega 32-X.

  65. seanonymous

    Intellevision, Vectrex?

    Nice collection, but complete? No. No it is not.

  66. Peter Gordon


    Magnavox Odyssey-2 and Amiga CD32 are missing, at least.

  67. Minophis

    Tomytronic 3D handheld games

    Couldn't see any or do single game devices not count.

    Still it is a very impressive collection.

  68. Jolyon Smith

    At first I thought there was a CD32...

    In the wide shot it appeared to be on the second from bottom shelf in one of the cabinets, but the close up's reveal this to be a Panasonic 3DO... I'd almost forgotten about 3DO.

    Also, since he has both PlayStation and PSOne, if completeness is the aim then there should be 2x PS2 (fat + slim) and 2x PS3 (ditto - in fact arguably 2x fat + a slim, given that there were two gens of fat's prior to the PS3 going on a diet).

    But that's probably being a bit picky. :)

  69. Dave 126 Silver badge

    There is a Master System...

    but he has labelled it the Marter System and Marter System 2.

    Did he have an "FM-TOWNS MARTY" by Fujitsu?

  70. Morteus

    Dunno if it counts...

    ... strictly speaking, as it was a multimedia platform, but I played loads of games on it.

    Philips CDi (mine was the early 450 model).

  71. Iain Thomas



    No Zodiac 1/2?

    Tut tut tut...


  72. Scott 2
    Thumb Up

    Where do I start...

    Old school stuff...


    Firefox (that was DAMN cool!)

    2 player Galaxians (you could actually control the bad guys. I lost mine the day I got it by leaving it under a hedge :( )

    Any of the old school 3d glasses games

  73. Steve K


    ColecoVision, Vectrex...... (c. 1983)?

    1. Stef 1


      I wondered the same, but he has a CBS (boxed), follow the link and see under '2ª GENERACION'.

      One which he doesn't seem to have, and which took me months and months of eBay scouting to get hold of (back in my retrogaming days, long since sold on) is a GameBoy Pocket Light. See

      Disappointed to see lack of Vectrex and original (white) PC-E. No collection, however extensive, can be said to be even 'near complete' without these.

      A valiant effort, all the same. Boy am I glad I shook off the compulsive obsessive disorder a long time ago :D

  74. Alan W. Rateliff, II
    Paris Hilton

    Have a few he doesn't

    My "collection" is not even a small bit compared to his, but I do have some old V-Tech talking games (baseball and football,) and a Sega Nomad. And, yeah, no CD32 :P

    Paris, missing a few, too.

  75. Panix
    Paris Hilton

    Can anyone see...

    what's on the bays on the front of his computer? What's written on the white stickers?

    Paris because she doesn't know either.

  76. The Splund

    Atari Lynx?

    No Atari Lynx that i could see. No Vectrex either.

    But a load of stuff I've never heard of. Quite a collection.

  77. This post has been deleted by its author

  78. Kevin 6

    Here is something he's missing mini pack man arcade machine

    They also made a mini donkey kong that I know of.

  79. JeevesMkII

    Poor lad

    So many consoles, but only one controller each.

  80. Charybdis

    No Vectrex?

    I'm sure there's others missing too...

  81. elStoopio


    I only remember it as for some reason unknown to me now I really wanted one. Kinda glad I avoided that round of chrushig dissapointment from a duke nukem game though.

  82. jake Silver badge

    I'm not a gamer ...

    ... and haven't been since the likes of Wumpus & Adventure. In fact, I think that computer based gaming is a horrible waste of productive hours ... but THAT collection makes the geek in me smile. Well done, that man! :-)

  83. Greg J Preece


    Can't see a Sega 32x in there with his Mega CD II. Also, he has the Jaguar, but not the Jaguar CD. Kinda hard to blame him for that.

  84. AbortRetryFail


    I was impressed to see a Gizmondo in there. I didn't realise any of them had actually been sold.

    I still have my developer one in a drawer somewhere

  85. Locassa


    Vectrex, god I loved that machine and it's coloured overlays....

  86. Mark Reed

    He doesn't seem to have the R.O.B for the NES I have had one of these in storage since I was about a kid.

  87. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Two missing?

    I remember "Simon" being a big saucer like thing with the obvious coloured buttons. I've only had a quick look, but I couldn't see it.

    There was also a red multi-player game that I had in school, over 25 years ago. It was long and had a 3x3 control/light panel on it. It played multiple games. Split in to three "sections," the top section was the loudspeaker, teh middle was teh 3x3 section (consisting of plastic squares, inside each was a circle decal and inside that was a red LED) and the main control, which selected which game you wanted to play, was at the bottom. I think it took either 4 or 6 AA.

    1. Christopher E. Stith

      almost complete list of his many missing systems

      The red 3x3 was Merlin. It's already in the list of missing ones in an earlier comment.

      Here' s a not qutie complete list of things missing from his complete list.

      Besides the Atari 5200 that someone else mentioned, I noticed an even more egregious Atari omission. He has the 2600 but what about the original VCS from before it was sold by model number? There were six-switch and four-switch VCS models before the model number was ever prominent on the box.

      Atari 2800 (Japanese only IIRC)?

      I have an Intellivision. He doesn't. I don't have an Intellivision II, but neither does he.

      I guess the Atari XL series, Atari Falcon, C64, C64c, C128, and Coleco Adam were too much general purpose computers to be on a list of consoles. Still, though, no Amiga CD32/Amiga CDTV? No C64gs? But he includes an MSX... Atari 400 was more console than computer, surely.

      No Famicom or Super Famicom? No FC SuperTwin -- he has other clones, after all.

      The standalone game consoles don't appear to include Pong, Atari StuntCycle, Coleco Telstar Combat... Atari Video Pinball?

      Magnavox Odyssey s100 yes... Odyssey original? Odyssey 200? Odyssey 300? Odyssey 400? Odyssey 500? Odyssey 2000, 3000, 4000? Odyssey2?

      Coleco Telstar? Coleco Telstar Classic? Telstar Alpha, Telster Colortron, Telstar Arcade, Telstar Gemini...?

      Bally Professional Arcade?

      Fairchild Channel F?

      Zircon Channel F System II?

      Vectrex has been widely mentioned...

      Emerson Arcadia?

      Coleco Gemini?

      NEC Turbo Duo?

      NES Model 2? Really? It's complete without that?

      Sega Genesis 2? Sega CD? Genesis 32x? Sega CDX? Did I miss the $30 Genesis 3?


      Pong? Super Pong?

      Wonder Wizard 7702?

      RCA Studio 2?

      I see the Flashback, but no Atari Flashback 2?

  88. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    That's teh one I couldn't remember -

    1. The Splund
      Thumb Up

      I had one of those...

      ...played with it for hours. Happy days.

  89. fattybacon

    Sega Pico

    He hasn't got a Sega Pico, interesting as it was the first Sega 'thing' to have an official Nintendo title. It was a gutted Mega Drive and the carts were like books you changed games by turning the cardboard pages. I bought it 2nd hand for my neices years ago.

    I'm going to contact my neices to see if they've looked after it... and get it off them sharpish!

  90. Cyberneticist

    In the era of the Gameboy....

    ... there was also The Quickshot supervision (Try a google image search) - missing, but if he wants to buy one from me I still have mine...!

  91. Deadly Headshot

    This guy...

    Has NOTHING on Steve Benway! (Look him up on YouTube if you don't believe me)...

  92. cswilson1976


    Wheres PONG?

  93. cswilson1976

    defintly a few missing that I had when I was younger

    Zaxxon table top

    mario cement factory tabletop

    cd expansion for TG-16

  94. Stephen Usher

    Hmm.. lots of early stuff missing..

    There's lots of very early (late 70s) machines missing from there, most notably the "Grandstand" ones I remember in Dixons and Debenhams, and the early "Battle Chess" console.

    These machines had a fixed set of games within them so I'm not sure if the collector would class them as consoles.

  95. Ugotta B. Kiddingme
    Thumb Up

    Excellent, but...

    Atari 5200, Pong, Intellivision, and Famicom all missing. While MOST impressive and envy-inducing it is, as others point out, far from complete. Still, much props for amassing a collection like that.

    And very nice MAME cabinet. Built one of those myself and use it often.

  96. SpaMster

    Where is the love?

    Without the CD32, this collection is complete fail

  97. JonTheGod


    Lies!!! He doesn't have a SNES CD, Sega Mega-CD 1, Sega 32X, nor the Gameboy adapter for the GameCube. More recently he's missing a PSP-1000, Nintendo DS XL and a 3DS.

    .... maybe I'll let him off the SNES CD...

  98. Anonymous Coward

    what a bunch

    of sad gits we all are when we have nothing better to do than search through a picture or two and quote the missing consoles...

    surely there is beer to be consumed or women to fondle....

  99. Jamtea

    Pah, not even!

    Sega Teradrive, Dreamcast special editions (any of them), Famicom or any associated hardware such as the Disk system, Famicom Box Hotel edition, Super famicom (inc satellaview etc): 64DD, Gen 1 Neo Geo CD, MSX, most of the game and watch games, gameboy light... the list of missing consoles is rather exhaustive!

    Not to say its not an impressive collection, but this guy is further away from a 'complete' collection than he is close to completing it!

  100. MooseNC


    Don't see the Tiger system in there either. That's the one that used CD and cards to "upgrade" abilites in the games.

  101. Hoagiebot

    No Atari 5200 SuperSystem? No Atari XEGS?

    Looking through Sergiokillo's console collection, it looks like he is also missing an Atari 5200 SuperSystem, which was released by Atari in 1982. ( I see that this person does have an Atari VCS/2600, a 2600, and a 7800, but I do not see a 5200 listed anywhere on the page. The Atari 5200 is probably one of the slightly more overlooked Atari consoles, but according to Wikipedia there were still over a million of them sold (and I almost bought one myself at a classic gaming convention that I went to last week), so they can't be very rare.

    Another more rare Atari gaming console that is also missing from the collection is the Atari XEGS. ( The Atari XEGS was released by Atari in 1987 and based on the guts of the Atari 65XE personal computer. I can't quite remember, but I don't think that I have ever seen an Atari XEGS in person myself, but I know that they are out there. In any case, while this guy's gaming console collection is certainly impressive, as many others have already noted here it is by no means complete.

  102. Furbian

    Wot no Vectrex .... again...

    I know it's been mentioned, but when I saw the article, it was the first one that came to mind as a unique console. No I have never owned or seen one, but I did see the advertisements when I had a ZX81, and thought of it instead of the ZX Spectrum I ended up buying.

    I would have thought a CD32 would be an obvious one to have. Even rarer was a CD32 I came across, on eBay I think, that looked like rack mount for an arcade machine apparently.

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