back to article Fujitsu installs Windows 7... on a phone

Here's Fujitsu's latest phone that - wait for it - runs Windows 7. No, not Windows Phone 7, but the complete Microsoft PC platform. Fujitsu broke news of the handset today, announcing that the F-07C will be available in Japan by the weekend. The company claims it's the "world's smallest PC that fits into the palm of the user' …


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  1. James Cooke

    Battery life

    Wow that's a long time... oh wait a minute you're measuring it in seconds not minutes

    1. John Riddoch

      2 hours...

      2 hours is the expected battery life, with the caveat that "battery life will vary depending on the usage environment, LCD screen brightness, and system settings, among other variables".

      I also note the "Two-year Microsoft® Office Personal license" - so what happens after 2 years? Do you have to buy the whole thing again?

      Overall, an interesting niche product; some people will find it extremely useful, many more will be thinking "why?". Also of interest might be if you can get linux running on it...

      1. Ammaross Danan


        "I also note the "Two-year Microsoft® Office Personal license" - so what happens after 2 years? Do you have to buy the whole thing again?"

        Answer is: likely, yes. Although I doubt you'll want to continue using Win7 on a 1.2Ghz Atom after 2 years. If you do feel like continuing, just install LibreOffice instead. It will likely support Microsoft's next office format before MS makes a readability plugin.... (remember the conversion to docx?)

  2. Trevor Marron



    1. Monty Burns

      Just because you don't need it...

      doesn't mean others don't! :)

      I'm desperate for a proper, office compatible phone with a qwerty keyboard and large screen. Much as Android and Wp7 try, they do not give a full office feeling (although Android does come close!). The Dell Venue Pro is to buggy to use - see reports of its firmware being updated and Droids with Qwerty have too small a screen for me.

      Also, like it or not, Microsoft are moving towards a "unified" operating system across devices... see Windows 8.

      1. Paul

        try the Fujitsu U820 or U900

        see umpcportal for more geek pr0n

      2. Kwac

        Four inches

        So a four inch screen (and corresponding keyboard) will give a "full office feeling"?

        Sounds ideal for VB macros on Excel.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Actually, you're correct

          it WOULD be perfect for macros on Excel- because it actually supports them. AFAIK the mobile versions of Office don't support VBA, so workbooks that require a lot of VBA (which is a surprising number) don't work properly.

          Also, for those of us who kick ass at VB/VBA but haven't bothered learning another programming language it's good that we can now cart our programs about with us!

        2. Anonymous Coward

          Re: Four inches

          It will, if you have Japanese fingers. Ever tried to work on a Daihatsu engine?

    2. Ken 16 Silver badge

      Why not?

      It got Fujitsu a few headlines and no-one has to actually buy the thing, or find a pocket to keep it in

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Win7 + OS X by the look of it

    That's clearly internet and other windows stuff running in the OS X dock at the bottom of the screen. I hope that's the work of an incompetent marketing department's photoshoppers!

    Any bets on how long it'll run win7 for on battery? Put me down for 25 minutes, assuming the battery isn't so big you need clown trousers.

  4. Darren B 1

    Try that old no one wants phone OS


    Old news - about 2 months

  5. Lamont Cranston

    Interesting proof of concept, at least,

    and possibly something worth following if mobile phones really are becoming pocket computers?

    1. Arctic fox

      Re "Proof of concept"

      I agree. I think that is precisely what it is and that is why Fujitsu do not appear to be releasing outside of Japan. They are flying a kite - perhaps with an eye on whether or not there might be a market for such a combo when Win8 is released? With the upcoming "next gen" hardware it a perfectly realistic proposition in the practical sense, the question they have to answer is whether or not there may be a market for such a device.

  6. Anonymous Coward

    PC Mode vs Phone Mode

    Hang on, some more details on what PC mode and Phone mode are would have been nice! I assume they're completely separate OS etc - ie PC mode cannot access contacts/messages etc?

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I notice...

    ...that none of the pictures show the thickness of it.

    Reckon it's two feet deep?

  8. The BigYin


    ^ See title

  9. Robert Carnegie Silver badge

    There was a brick-like thing once that ran XP.

    This has:


    1 GB RAM - okay, turn off the Aero

    32 GB solid state storage

    One USB port, but presumably you can use a hub, that also probably boosts the port power - probably USB 2.0?

    Apparently "an HDMA output connector" sold separately, for video

    "The F-07C's CPU features an operating frequency of 1.20GHz. In actual operation, the processor performs at 50% of this frequency." What! So, 0.6 GHz really?

    1. Paul

      poor translation?

      CPU freq is probably a mistranslation, it probably idles at less than half the speed?

      see also "xpphone" and "sharp willcom d4".

      1. Robert Carnegie Silver badge

        Yes, that would be nice-ish

        If it meant "In powersaving operation" the processor runs at half speed, that wouldn't be such an apparent limitation. But it says "actual operation", and these days, Japanese products have pretty reliable English-language documentation.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    This is exactly where phones need to be going

    ...except with full-fat linux instead of windows (suitably modified, of course, so that all the settings boxes fit on the screen). From what I see, all the current phone OSs are deliberately designed so you can't control the data they are hemorrhaging, so a proper OS would be a definite benefit.

    Then make them waterproof. And robust enough for everyday use (let's say surviving being dropped from waist-height down a flight of stairs as a reasonable minimum standard). And sort out the battery life (24 hours between recharges with everything switched on, let's say).

    Get cracking phone manufacturers!

    1. wag

      You should...

      ... read this:

      Ok so it fails on the Linux-as-operating-system criterion but it's there on the waterproof and drop-proof fronts, and battery life too.

      And no, I don't work for Motorola.

      1. Clive Galway
        Thumb Up

        Full fat linux on a Defy

        I have a Defy and love it.

        If you want a "full fat" linux, there is now a one click installer for Debian:

        It doesn't overwrite the OS, so you can switch between android and debian.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Not really full debian

          That's debian in a chroot on android, and needs a VNC client to see its display. Full debian would be bootable and have direct access to the display, modem etc.

          As for the waterproof part, it'll survive the water but isn't much use when wet because the touchscreen doesn't work properly.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Nokia N9

      or N900 - the Maemo/Meego/Harmattan series. The N900 promised so much then Elop blew it all away, MS schill that he is. Though hopefully I'll still be able to get my hands on an N9 or 950.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Oh yeah - and include a USB dock and car charger in with the kit.

    That should do it.

  12. Christian Berger

    sounds like a sensible thing

    Sounds like a sensible thing to run Linux on.

  13. Michael H.F. Wilkinson

    Why does nobody ask

    if it will run Crysis?

    I'll get me coat

  14. farizzle

    Well i never!

    It.. It's NOT the 1st of April, and err... errrm, i'm SURE i'm not A FOOL, so why i WOULDN'T BELIEVE THIS is beyond me..

    Does it run Crysis?

  15. Gil Grissum


    Well, Japan usually leads the world in mobile technology implementation. It wouldn't be too shocking for this to be a Japan only product. Who in the USA would buy this? Who in the USA would need this?

  16. Richard 116

    So...'s just me who fancies a go with one of these then?

    1. Arctic fox

      @Richard Re "So it's just me who fancies a go with one of these then?"

      Not at all old chap. I have to admit that this piece brought a smile to my face. The technology is not quite yet up to making this a real proposition (IMHO), battery life alone makes it a touch impractical (to put it mildly!). However, the next gen in chips and battery tech with Win8 perhaps? The basic concept is by no means a fail, just a little too early out of the gate in relation to the hardware/software equation.

  17. TeeCee Gold badge
    Thumb Up

    For some reason.....

    ......I quite fancy one of those.

    Could be the first real "computer in your pocket" since Psion stopped making 'em. The fact it's a phone as well is a bit of a bonus. Everything since Psion has had that terrible feel of being a phone that happens to also do some heavily constrained computer tasks fairly badly.

    Like most have said though, I can't help but feel that Linux might have been a better choice...

  18. Paul

    a revival of the Sharp willcom d4?

  19. Anonymous Coward

    What happens when...

    You are in the middle of a phone call and Windows decides to reboot itselt to apply the vast numbers of security patches it seems to get almost daily.


    Nice idea but the use case is fundamentally flawed.

    Anon because my boss is a Windows Fanboi.

    1. Jaruzel


      Windows gets security updates once a month on a Tuesday - it's easy to predict. You can also turn of the auto reboot if you prefer to manage that part yourself.

      I'm all for OS rivalry (else there'd be no innovation) but at least get your facts straight first.


      1. Arctic fox

        Facts, you want facts?

        Facts get in the way, surely you have noticed that. At least on the basis of *some* postings we see here one gets the impression that some people regard facts as a bloody inconvenience to be ignored!

  20. Lottie

    Wonder if it'll dual boot?

    I really do like the idea of an office in a phone. It's pretty awesome.

    Irrespective of the flavour of O/S etc, this was super sci fi until fairly recently.

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up


    Now all it takes is to install the full McAfee suite (antivirus, anti-spyware and firewall) and add Pointsec full disk encryption, a couple of useful GPO and a Cisco VPN client and it's all set. The corporate dudes can have it. Oh, and don't forget to have an iPhone in other hand so you can call your company's support desk to help with an MS-Office question.

  22. dssf

    I wonder whether it will...

    DUEL boot, hehehe... It could be a duel to the death...

  23. Stefan 2

    No way

    Nobody I know would even consider using such a device. Would you fancy trying to do a malware removal exercise on this thing? What about the time it takes the thing to boot?

    Destined to abject failure. If you desperately need Office compatibility, Polaris Office works beautifully. If you want/need Excel VB macro capability on a portable device, buy a notebook or one of those teensy Vaio things that cost £1000+

  24. Patrick 14

    If it

    if it won't run Just Cause 2 I don't want it

  25. Henry Wertz 1 Gold badge

    Gag me

    Seriously, Windows 7 is FAAAAR too bloated to run on a 1.2ghz Atom, especially if they are running it at 600mhz to save power. Ubuntu runs fine on my 1.33ghz Atom, but still works pretty hard depending on what I'm doing with it. Interestingly, I have Debian on my Droid 2 Global, and running the Byte UNIX Bechmark on the Droid and on my netbook I found the Arm and Atom to have the same clock-per-clock performance (the ARM was *much* slower at one benchmark, much faster at a second, and right in line on the rest). So realistically they could run Ubuntu right on the ARM, getting much better battery life than the Atom.

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