back to article SaaS for speedy relief of licence headaches

Managing software licensing has to be one of the least fun aspects of an IT professional’s life. For one thing, it is medically proven* that there is no better means of inducing a headache than trying to read the whole of a software licence. And that is before you get to the logistics of managing the things: making sure they …


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  1. Miek

    Less of a headache with open source

    As the title says.

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  2. M Gale

    Less of a headache?

    How is "I own this software and have a license to run it on X number of PCs from now on until the world stops turning" more of a headache than "did I pay the rent on the software this month?" Or even better, "what's the rental pcm going to be THIS financial year?"

    Somehow I suspect that there is still going to be a hefty tome of EULA to read through, whether you own the disks or are dependant on someone else's servers not fucking up that day.

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