back to article Baidu apes Google with Chinese Chrome

Chinese search giant Baidu has launched its own web browser, aping Google's Chrome with web applications and aspirations of becoming a desktop replacement. The Baidu Browser only runs on Windows, but it does have its own application store for web apps (which run in a Webkit-based sandbox) and an extension framework very …


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  1. James Hughes 1

    Tough one

    All those Google haters proclaiming evil, and the (future) alternative is a Chinese knockoff with even less control.....

    Still, at least their version of Android won;t be susceptible to all those dodgy patent lawsuits. Well, it will, but they won't give a sh1t. Actually, a bit like Google really.

  2. Karl Lattimer


    You're reporting this like they've developed a whole new web browser of their own ... take a closer look - IT'S CHROME - Based on the chromium code most likely, with a little customisation on top to make it 'theirs'.

    You should really be reporting this as "Baidu created a chrome clone using the open source chrome code base! SHOCK HORROR!"

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      "take a closer look"? article suggests it is based on IE...

  3. DannyJr

    Read first

    @Karl Lattimer

    You're half right. If you read the article before bitching, you would read the part that says it uses IE (Trident engine) to render basic html. And a review the post links to says:

    "Baidu Browser uses IE for web browsing and Webkit for applications"

    It looks like Chrome but uses Trident in addition to Webkit.

  4. scarshapedstar

    This I'd like to see

    "Baidu also has aspirations outside its Chinese roots, where it will have to fight Google on a level playing field."

    How does a Chinese knockoff compete with something that's already free?

    1. Purple People Eater

      This I'd like to see

      How could they compete? One word - tanks!

  5. asdf

    threat to west greatly overblown

    Yes Asia is king at apeing stuff. Might have something to do with their schools that teach that creativity is dangerous and evil. They still need the west to invent the stuff they then mass produce. As I say what makes the USA safe no matter which way the winds blow is Hollywood. Even the Chinese want their Brad Pitt fix.

    1. Havin_it

      That don't impress me much

      Hmm, let's weight that up for a moment.

      Brad Pitt vs...

      ... every other good and service known to man, plus Brad Pitt (on a knockoff DVD). Plus interest on the loans currently keeping USA Inc. afloat.

      Besides, don't knock Andy Lau, he does alright for himself ;)

  6. Jeff Minter


    It is the education system and the watchful eye of the Chinese Govt that screws with innovation and creativity. Namely, everything is done by rote (the workings of Confucious - still taught in the system - actually promotes this), and even if one becomes a creator and inventor outside the system, the authorities monitor your success and worm their way in. Don't like it? Become an automaton.

    It is for this precise reason that countries like America and Britain can easily take talented (potentially and realised) Chinese from the country to use for their own companies i.e. use the expertise of highly skilled Chinese for their own advantage, whilst simultaneously depriving China of those skills. A bit sad really.

    As for the browser itself, I don't get this fascination the Chinese have with IE. Surely they know that it is easily hacked, thus allowing their computers to become bots? Or maybe that's their plan, feign ignorance through the instability of IE.

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