back to article Apple plans to prune iPhone 3GS price

The iPhone 3GS is set to drop in price this summer, as Apple attempts to broaden its share of the mobile market by offering a smartphone for folk on a budget. "Reliable" sources broke the news to BGR which says Apple's preparationg of a low cost iPhone is as simple as bringing down the price of the 2009's 3GS. Apple iPhone 3G …


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  1. Cornholio

    How much?

    My Orange San Fransisco was £95. I've since seen them for as little as 65 beer tokens. That's more like it.

    1. SteveBalmer


      no Apple lock-in for life, which is worth more than money can buy...

      1. Ted Treen

        But I bet

        you run a Windows PC and don't give a stuff about the Microsoft lock-in for life..

        ..and it's indisputable which company has for years had the morality and ethics of prohibition-era mobsters...

        1. CmdrX3

          It's not a Windows PC though....

          It's a PC that runs Windows. There is no Microsoft lock in because there is a choice to run another OS on it. It may come with Windows, but you are not locked in to keeping it on. If you so choose you can put some form of Linux on it or you can put OSX on it if you so choose. Not something that applies to the iPhone.

          Do you really think Apple has any more morality or ethics than any other corporate entity. The number that care for anything other than the bottom line are few and far between, and Apple certainly isn't one of them.

      2. Anonymous Coward

        double plus

        No f*cking iTunes either.

  2. Anonymous Coward


    Apple could give the 3GS for free that I wouldn't care. I would spent money on a doomed Nokia N9 than waste my money on Apple products...

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    "The iPhone 3GS is set to drop in price this summer, as Apple attempts to broaden its share of the mobile market by offering a smartphone for folk on a budget."

    Aww, so innocent. Alternatively "The iPhone 3GS is set to drop in price this summer, as Apple attempts to get more 3GS owners to buy the iPhone 4 (and 5) by making them look cheap."

    This is Apple and Apple users* we're talking about.

    *Apologies to the sane Apple users, but to be fair, you are almost outnumbered by Windows Phone 7 users.

  4. alphaxion


    Does this mean it'll get updates and be supported again?

    1. uhuznaa

      [No fucking title]

      "Does this mean it'll get updates and be supported again?"

      The 3GS is still supported and gets updates, including iOS 5 later this year.

      I doubt this rumour very much, by the way. I could believe in a cheaper iPhone based on the iPod touch though.

    2. studentrights


      ... this is not the Android forum for discarded toys!

      Apple provides fairly longterm support for their hardware. I've been testing OSX Lion a fully supported 2006 white MacBook with 2.0Ghz Core2Duo, 2GB RAM and a 80GB hard drive and it runs like a champ.

      It's not uncommon for Apple to provide at least 5 years of support for most of their products. There are some exceptions, like the original iPhone. Unfortunately it's hardware was not up to spec. Most Android phones from 2010 we're felling no love one year later, so Apple has done good.

      1. alphaxion


        As someone who owns a 2009 macbook and an original 3G and so isn't just someone rabidly being anti-Apple, I thought it would be legitimate to at least make sure people were thinking about its support since the 3G stopped getting updates while it was still being sold due to Apple deciding it no longer had the grunt to run the latest version of iOS, what would stop them from doing it to the 3GS some point in the future? They stopped even providing security updates.

        And of course, one of the reasons I stayed away from Android until recently was the lack of updates directly from the network operator. After experiencing the Galaxy S2 and the little maddening things about it, I'll likely be returning to the iphone fold at some point :P

  5. Michael Habel

    I've said it before and I'll say it again...

    No Flash, no sale!!!

    1. Jolyon

      Your choice

      Reasonable requirement on your part - no idea why anyone would downvote that without comment.

      1. ThomH


        I think some people can be oversensitive, given how often Flash support is used as a proxy by those that determine in advance that they want to say something negative for its own sake and only subsequently pick through the feature list to find something specific to say.

        I also don't think the comment deserved any down votes.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Can't be done

    It's already under 50 smacks with contract now... how much cheaper can it get? What's that, you say you're not talking the bay area and New York and this is in other parts of the world... Oh, I know, you mean those far off lands, like Kentucky or North Dakota or something.

  7. magnetik

    No thanks

    £218 is meant to be competitive? There are plenty of Android phones under £100 which compete very well with the 3GS. When the screen on mine cracked (three times no less, even after Apple-sanctioned repair shops "fixed" it) I decided to switch to a Samsung Galaxy Mini for just £110. Don't miss a thing about the iPhone. I'm much happier being able to run any software on it without jailbreaking, tether my laptop without paying an extra charge and I can bump up the memory any time I want buy buying a microSD card. Best of all, no iTunes!

    I'm still happy to pay a premium for my MacBook Pro but I think my days of Apple phones are over.

  8. Andy E
    Thumb Up

    Are they still making them?

    I have an iPhone 3GS and actually quite enjoy it. It's not perfect by any means as the battery life is not great and the camera does not compare well with what you would find on a Nokia. However, the overall end user experience has been very good.

    The question is - are they still making these or is it a ploy to flush out the older model to make way for the new 4GS / 5 ?

    While I was tying this my iPhone 3GS just updated itself to 4.3.4. Seems to be working well.

    My only gripe with Apple products is that I bought one of the first intel Core Duo MacBook Pro's. It appears it has a 32bit architecture and so will not be supported by Lion. Although it is coming up to being 7 years old it insists on working perfectly well for what I need it for.

  9. Anonymous Coward

    Re: Your choice

    Perhaps they think his requirement is unreasonable. It could be that the post is perhaps off topic or a poor trolling attempt, there is more chance of 40 degree temperatures at the poles than of that happening so does it need to be said in every fucking iPhone discussion. Some see the lack of Flash a good thing and merely disagreed with premise of the post afterall the voting system is there to show agreement or disagreement, not popularity. Last time I checked, The Register wasn't a social network, something that most regtards mock (can't think why). Of course the irony here is that you'll say that Apple product users are sheep, or something equally inane from your boilerplate of "Responses to crAppl€ post by iSheep for Knobs". Besides, I thought it was "Apple cultists" that were supposed to be the testy one.

  10. Anonymous Coward

    You are the guy that boarded the Titanic as it was already sinking.

    "Apple could give the 3GS for free that I wouldn't care. I would spent money on a doomed Nokia N9 than waste my money on Apple products..."

    You are the guy that boarded the Titanic as it was already sinking.

  11. regprentice


    I'm on a 3GS just now and don't see much incentive to move to a 4 . Nothing doesn't work so far on the 3GS. The user experience will be identical for the £218 users as it will for the 4/5 users unless something dramatic happens with the 5's specs.

    Personally I won't be upgrading til the storage goes up to 64gb, or it can wank me off, whichever of the two comes first...

  12. Rick Brasche
    Thumb Up

    that's not bad

    so when my current 3GS dies, they'll still be available so I can just get another without redoing my contract.

    Plus, this seems to mean that, if the 3GS will be a current offering, they won't be able to force it to nonfunctional obsolescence with mandatory iOS updates that are only capable of being run on the newest iOfferings.

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