back to article Steelie Neelie: 'Help us form Brussels data breach policy'

The European Commission is asking for feedback on practical rules to ensure that anyone in Europe who has their private data breached will be told. New rules across Europe mean that telcos are meant to tell you if they lose your data. But what is needed now is feedback on how the rules are working and how, in practical terms, …


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  1. Red Bren
    Big Brother

    UK Regulator begs not to be given teeth!

    "any new requirements must be proportionate, setting out clear criteria and thresholds for reporting a breach"

    Easy. Threshold for reporting a breach = an occurence of a breach. Clear criteria = any organisation, public or private that holds personal data, no matter how big or rich they are.

    Of course a regulator with teeth might be expected to actually do something, rather than hand-wringing and waiting for a juicy executive post.

  2. Marvin the Martian

    "Steelie Neelie"??

    That title makes no sense whatsoever... The "ee" in "Neelie" is about the same as the "a" in "stake" or "stale"... far from the "ee" of "steel".

  3. Mr Young

    Illegal wire tapping eh?

    I've just been reading about the TalkTalk Homesafe 'product' - maybe I don't know enough about it but that sure sounds like illegal wire tapping as well?

    1. jonathanb Silver badge

      Re: Illegal wire tapping

      Under FAQs | How do I switch on HomeSafe

      "How do I switch on HomeSafe?

      "HomeSafe is free to all TalkTalk customers and all the features are switched off by default. To switch them on and set up Virus Alerts, Kids Safe and Homework Time log in to your TalkTalk MyAccount."

      It is not illegal if you have to specifically ask them to do it. There isn't even the argument that it was buried in small print that you didn't notice.

        Big Brother

        You can decline the censorship

        But you can't decline the surveillance.

        The only way to avoid Homesafe is to leave TalkTalk and find a trustworthy ISP instead.


        1. Mr Young
          Thumb Up


          I'm not sure why this creepy nonsense isn't being considered along the same lines as opening all my mail? Or recording my phone calls? I'd like to see a nice VPN article tbh - It sort of sounds maybe feasible (with trust?) but I don't know really?

  4. SilverWave

    Phorm - Given the Latest revelations - The police not prosecuting looks fishy

    Check out the title.

      Big Brother


      What's even more surprising is that the EC have also suspended their legal action against the UK Government.

      Take a look here;


      "United Kingdom, Incorrect application of EU rules on confidentiality of communications, suspended 19/05/2011"

      No press statement, no announcement, no explanation.

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