back to article McAfee head vanishes, replaced by two more

McAfee has decided that it needs two presidents – namely Michael DeCesare and Todd Gebhert – to replace David DeWalt, who is quitting the firm. The Intel-owned vendor said it is creating an office of the president for the duo, who will report to Renee James, senior veep and GM at Chipzilla and chairman of McAfee. In a blurb …


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  1. An ominous cow herd


    I believe Ms James would object to being called chairman (although she obviously has the balls for the job)...

    1. Steve X
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      Ms James?

      > I believe Ms James would object to being called chairman

      Unlikely, since

      a) It's how she's described in official McAfee press releases

      b) The fact that the word ends in the three letters 'm', 'a' and 'n' has no connection with the sex of the person holding the office. She would be correctly addressed as Madam Chairman.

  2. Anonymous Coward
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    2 for 1?

    No surprise, it's the same logic they've been applying to the software. Bloated software from a bloated company. Maybe when they see their internal processes slowing down to a crawl they'll begin to appreciate the problems their users have.

  3. TeeCee Gold badge

    Two presidents?

    Typical McAfee. Instead of finding the root cause of the false positive thrown up when identifying a president they're just working around it......

  4. Maryland, USA
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    : "I'll be leaving McAfee in great hands"

    Four of them, to be precise.

  5. The last doughnut

    Two for the price of one

    That's great for McAfee.

    The opposite applied to my renewal - I paid for two years and got none.

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