back to article Go Daddy no-no means No Daddy is no-go

Go Daddy has managed to effectively gag its fiercest critics by acquiring and then shutting down the high-ranking Go Daddy gripe site: For over four years, No Daddy hosted a forum detailing a range of "horror stories" submitted by Go Daddy customers and disgruntled current and former employees. …


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  1. Sid James
    Thumb Up

    Great title...

    although I had to read it several times!

  2. Version 1.0 Silver badge

    Yea - I've heard the stories

    But never had any problems with them to date - my main gripe is their "you want fries with that?" harassment whenever I want to update anything.

    Somehow I long for the days of InterNIC ... and I never thought I'd say that.

  3. theBatman

    My favourite registrar...

    Has a simple motto: "No Bullshit". You can't argue with that.

    I've never used GoDaddy because I find their website too irritating. I know what I want, I don't need them to suggest that I want other stuff too. Or to find when I go to register a domain that the advertised price is not actually the price I have to pay...

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    One sided stories

    If there's one thing which I think GoDaddy does right its listening to its customers. In fairness (and to be transparent here) I am biased; I've been a GD customer for years now and never had any beef with them, except on one occasion years ago which was caused by me overlooking certain options. I've also been very active on the GD community, but unfortunately current time restraints prevent me from doing fun stuff like that :(

    Alas; I've been following the GD community for a year now and so far have never seen a moderator removing or actively limiting negative comments towards GD there. Heck; I've been spouting some negative comments regarding some services myself (like the ugly floating control panel in their "Website tonight" site builder, ugh!) and I never had any reactions censored.

    Heck; I've seen complaints from customers regarding GD being inside some blacklist where an involved GD manager fully disclosed their stance, after which the "blacklist manager" also spouted off and was then being proven wrong (IMO that is) fully based on given facts by the GD manager. After that event the "blaclist manager" was also allowed to provide his opinion on all that.

    One problem with this kind of thing is that the stories you hear are always one-sided. I like GD, but I'll be the last to ignore the fact that when a GD manager gives us information regarding an issue it eventually is still a one sided story. And the same goes for "horror stories" which one could find on stuff like

    So quite frankly, my stance on all this is "Go Go Gadget, errrr, Daddy" ! :-)

  5. Sly

    hackers get their illegal site pwnt by registrar

    and people whine about this? You do the crime and get caught... guess what... you'll get spanked. Dumbasses, the lot of 'em.

    1. Sly

      FYI - this was in reference to the noDaddy post

      referenced in the article... not about noDaddy itself. What you should be griping about now is the fact that noDaddy allowed GoDaddy to buy them out. Greedy dumbasses.

      1. nyelvmark

        To be fair,

        ...they may have had little option, if the alternative was lawsuits claiming trademark infingement by similarity. Note the claim that was appearing in search results for "go daddy". In fact, they may only have been paid a nominal sum for the domain name, in return for waivers of damages.

        1. Just Thinking

          I suspect

          I suspect the high Google rating is to do with the number of times Go Daddy is *mentioned* on the site, rather than the similarity of the domain names. Plus the number of times someone searching for Go Daddy ended up on the No Daddy site. Using Google search results to "prove" trademark infringement would be a worrying development. In any case, these days Google results seem heavily biased by your browsing history, and other peoples'.

  6. Asgard

    Someone should open a site ;)

    I hope they have a site backup because usually the Internet routes around damage. :)

    Unfortunately the forum has been lost at least on the wayback web archive, as it can't save that...

    I think the link is...

    But it does have the title page saved with info on that and I think the cartoon on the front page of the Godaddy Corporate Structure with birds is so funny. :)

    I like the cartoon so much, I've had to save a copy of it for posterity. :)

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