back to article Orange puts budget smartphones on the map

While Samsung has been busy unveiling handsets in Sweden, Orange has revealed a budget Android smartphone named after its capital city, as well a couple of others also named after places in Europe. The Orange Stockholm runs Android 2.2 Froyo. It includes a 2.8in capacitive touchscreen and 3.2Mp camera, as well as an FM radio, …


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  1. RobE

    Good move

    Good for Orange. Someone has to help bring up the back end! Who knows... there could be a load of cash hidden in that end of the market too.

  2. cs94njw
    Thumb Up


    Brings the phones into a might-buy-for-a-birthday-present area. Although a bit nervous about this mention of Orange Maps?

  3. minky

    Stockholm first you feel like a hostage, but eventually you grow to love it

  4. Anonymous Coward
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    Custom ROMs, for pure Android, get rid of operator guff

    Head on down to your favourite custom ROMs site sooner or later and they'll have a version for these bargain handsets, getting rid of operator bloatware, as demonstrated before with the Orange San Francisco / ZTE Blade.

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