back to article Virgin Media to integrate Spotify across multiple platforms

Virgin Media has done a deal with digital music supplier Spotify, announcing an agreement that makes Virgin the only provider offering the service across multiple platforms. The deal, which has been on the cards for a while, will see Virgin integrate Spotify into its cable television service and delivered through an app that' …


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  1. Vitani




  2. The BigYin

    It will run on a TiVo?

    Does that mean it's subscriber only, or are they actually going to finish the Linux version?

    (For those that don't know, TiVo runs on a Linux OS.)

    1. Ian K

      ...the odds seem to be against it.

      Based on current performance of the Tivos themselves it's unlikely any extra functionality will work, even if they try to add it.

      Was on the verge of switching from my current V+ box to TiVo a few weeks back, but thought I'd better check the customer forums to see how it worked in practice. Basically it looks like they're still running a beta of the firmware; little things like getting non-rubbish SD pictures, reliable series recording, BBC red button functionality, not hanging and consistently working HDMI connections still seem to be works in progress.

      Sticking with V+ for now, despite its own clunkiness.

      1. The BigYin


        Aye, the V+ drives me nuts at times as well. Why it won't play nice on my network (i.e. stream content I have shared out) is a mystery. Shame it can't be hacked (unlike my xBox which is simply awesome with XBMC).

      2. Anonymous Coward

        V+ ==Yuk

        My Tivo works fine. Much better than the V+ anti-UI. It doesn't hang, the HDMI works fine, my SD pictures are goode and other than the BBC red button (who cares?) I'm very happy with it. Forums are always full of people whining, legitimately or otherwise...why else would you be on the forum!

        I don't know what the percentage of happy vs unhappy tivo users is, but I'm all right Jack, and you may be too. Least I can see what the programme is about without hitting "info"....

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Linux version seems finished to me

      Works fine, pretty desktop integration and all

  3. Neonin
    Thumb Up

    Spotify FTW

    Well I'll be damned, Virgin actually did something useful for once! As a current Spotify Unlimited customer I shall look forward to these extra discounts and features. Spotify is one of the best things I've ever paid monthly for, I use it every single day and it has the majority of stuff* I want to listen to in its databases.

    *Missing some things like Metallica but that's more because Lars is one of the biggest asshat sellouts in the music industry!

  4. ZillaOfManilla

    I always use their TV Music on demand service

    Its like the box but better, because you dont have to wait, or listen/watch other peoples choices. I often wondered why they didn't have an internet version that only worked on their network.

    As Vitani put it, this is cool. Added bonus, nothing to do with apple!

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Priorities fail

    Virgin should concentrate first on getting their creaking cable infrastructure working properly again. Their total 100% unblinking focus should be on that - it's now hopelessly unreliable and I'm typing this in a gap between outages.

    I've been a Virgin Media customer for 14 years but I'm now utterly exasperated by their pathetic service. I'm currently a quad-play customer (mobile too) but planning to be no-play soon.

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