back to article Flashy Intel flash specs leak

Specs of Intel's super flash SSD710 and 720 solid state drives have been leaked by – and they look mighty meaty, matey. Intel is well on the way to transitioning its X18 and X25 SSDs to 3XX and 5XX devices with announcements in January and March this year. A leaked PowerPoint chart mentioned Lyndonville and …


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  1. Simbu
    Thumb Up

    2 million hours?

    228 years before it's likely to fail?


    Puts mechanical drives to shame in comparison.

    1. Eddie Johnson

      Impressive.... not

      Tell that to all the dead 400,000 MTBF drives on my bench. None of them are anywhere close to 45 years old. You know how they come up with these numbers?

      "Hey Joe, does 1 million hours sound impressive enough?"

      "No, lets make it 2 million to be safe."

      "What do we use to justify that?"

      "Well, I ran it for a week straight in my mother's house without AC or power conditioning. That should be good enough."

      The moral of the story is you can't guarantee the life of a device until the device has actually existed that long. Hard drives haven't existed for 50 years. I bet there isn't a single device out there that lasts its MTBF, even in the cleanest environment, much less a typical one.

  2. Steven Knox

    If it's in PowerPoint....

    It's way past the sensitive stage, and was probably intended to be "leaked".

    Oh, and Simbu, a 2-million-hour MTBF does not mean the drive is not likely to fail before then. In fact it has a 50% chance to fail before then.

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