back to article Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Last year's War for Cybertron salvaged Transformers from gaming's scrapyard. While still not fully realising the potential of the IP, High Moon Studios' game combined reverential treatment of the fiction with solid controls and decent gameplay to mark a high point for the franchise. Transformers: Dark of the Moon Step on it …


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  1. DPWDC

    Worse then Duke Numen Forever?!


  2. Anonymous Coward

    High moon?

    If it's a simple slugfest, High Moon is actually a better/phunny title for the movie.

  3. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

    I raise you an Eva

    "but the game is based on events leading up to the movie"

    So we will see Megan Fox being thrown out of a movie studio?

  4. MJI Silver badge

    Exclusive Character

    I only noticed this as it said exclusive character Ratchet - and I thought why would he get involved in such a poor game.

    And no mention of Clank either.

  5. Southern

    Worse than DnF?!

    Wow, I would never have guessed.

  6. Tom7

    Keyboard set to 'stir-fry'

    No no, tell use what you really think.

  7. NoneSuch Silver badge

    35% ???

    So it is better than the latest movie then.

  8. Ben Rosenthal

    "Megatron's truck"

    wait what?!?!

    Hate Michael Bay, hate him so much, unable to form coherent sentences.

  9. Anonymous Coward

    Warning: movie opinion

    I went to see T3 last Saturday, expecting THE WORST after the abysmal T2, and was very pleasantly surprised. I rather enjoyed it! Yes, it could definitely do with 20-30 minutes trimming off it, and the John Malkovich character could probably have been binned (thought it was a cool cameo), but I liked the historical weaving in of the moon landings, and the new woman is MUCH better than MF could ever hope to be!

    Overall (and I *NEVER* thought I'd be saying this)... I'd see it again!

    1. Anonymous Coward 101

      Why did you attend this movie?

      Seriously, why did you pay money to visit a film that you expected to be totally crap?

      1. Shades

        I didn't particularly want to see...

        ...Shawshank Redemption, until I decided to take the plunge, bought the DVD, watched it and then formed a real opinion on the film... which, incidentally, I am now of the opinion is a classic film.

        I'm not saying Transformers 3 is, in any way, of the same class as Shawshank Redemption, I'm just using it to make a point.

      2. NogginTheNog

        Blame the children!

        "Seriously, why did you pay money to visit a film that you expected to be totally crap?"

        Because I have a son who loves Transformers (along with his friends), and I love him... ;-)

  10. Dave Murray
    Thumb Down

    Megatron's truck?

    Megatron is a gun. Prime is a truck surely?

  11. Anonymous Coward

    double-barrelled knickers mannequin Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

    After the line "double-barrelled knickers mannequin Rosie Huntington-Whiteley", I read the rest of the review in my head in the voice of DCI Gene Hunt....

  12. Andy Enderby 1

    just a thought but

    "Technologically an embarrassment, Dark of the Moon is flawed, perfunctory and utterly devoid of vitality or personality. "

    Hasn't that been a standard complaint of all movie tie in games since the beginning og such licensing venture ?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      The exception to the rule

      The exception to the rule is possibly Goldeneye (the original N64 shooter).

      But then it was released a few years after the movie, so time to perfect it.

      The problem is usually constraints with plot, character and timescales (get it out while the movie is still fresh).

      Conversely, there have been few, if any, good game-to-movie conversions, because in a game the plot is secondary to the interactive gameplay. It gives a background but even a 1 dimensional plot can be overlooked if the gameplay is mindblowing (see Doom, Streetfighter etc.).

      They are seperate mediums and should be kept as such.

      Mind you, Bioshock has the potential to be an interesting movie conversion. So long as they don't dumb it down too much to be an 80s style action hero vs. big daddy 2 hour fight.

  13. Andy Enderby 1
    Thumb Up

    @Sir Wiggum

    Bang On !

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