back to article Go Daddy in the hands of private equity giants

Domain name and web hosting giant Go Daddy has confirmed that it has entered into a strategic partnership with venture capital firms KKR, Silver Lake and Technology Crossover Ventures. Go Daddy CEO and founder Bob Parsons said the investors were selected because of their technology expertise and understanding of online …


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  1. Combat Wombat

    Bubble 2.0

    It's all about investing in "the cloud"


  2. Sandy106

    Worst company on the planet

    I've never dealt with a company as bad or idiotic as GoDaddy. I got transferred 4 times when I called them to ask about hosting since none of the phone reps had any technical knowledge whatsoever. Finally gave up and chose a different host. Apparently their tech support is even worse.

    1. JakeyC


      Clearly you've never done business with BT...

    2. Fred Flintstone Gold badge


      .. I never had this problem, but then again, I haven't had to call them for a long time. The only thing that sucked 7 ways to Sunday was their basic webhosting - from Europe it was nigh unreachabe..

  3. Franklin
    Thumb Down

    A title is required

    I wonder if this means they'll finally solve the latency issues on their database servers that caused me to pull all my sites off their servers last year.

    1. Hayden Clark Silver badge

      So who is the best registrar?

      Go Daddy might be brash, require you to click "no, go away" way too much when you are just trying to register a name, but they are cheap, and they seem to work. I'm open to suggestions!

      1. K Cartlidge

        I'd recommend ...

        I can't say they are the best, having only tried a half dozen or so, but for the last few years I've been using Moniker and never have any issues. Fast, relatively cheap, and the admin interface feels like it was written by a developer not a designer so it just gets out of the way. Also has good filters and no adverts for their products every time you click something.

        I used GoDaddy for a few months and I dreaded signing in. Their UI sucks big time. Slow (from the UK at least), clunky and festooned with attempts to sell me stuff.

        I'd recommend Moniker.

      2. Sandy106


        They arent really that cheap. Their basic $5/month hosting has limited bandwidth and storage, the more reasonably limited or unlimited accounts are $15-30/month. Dreamhost and a few dozen other hosts are all $10/month for unlimited everything and domain names.

  4. Disco-Legend-Zeke


    "...we plan to maintain and augment all of the attributes that have made Go Daddy a clear market leader today."

    Including the boobs?

  5. Stuart 22 Silver badge

    For better or worse?

    I have been a GoDaddy reseller for many years. That side of the business has, IMHO, been run very well. The technology, the support, the pricing ...

    On the basis of 'it ain't broke - don't fix it' might not apply if the new guys are looking for some cash cows to finance their purchase and cloudy ventures. Or suck support away.

    There's not much they can do to get more of my business, but plenty they can do to screw it. I shall be checking out a preferred alternative in case I need to jump ship.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Used to use them

    I used to use them ages ago, currently with HostMonster - haven't looked back.

  7. Bradley Hardleigh-Hadderchance

    Only four more days to go...


    Accordingly, we'll be shutting down the main site and the forums on July 8


    See also:

    Sad to see the fellas go.

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