back to article Facebook promises 'awesome' launch next week

Facebook could be launching long-awaited iPad and iPhone apps next week. The company's founder Mark Zuckerberg told Reuters that Facebook would "launch something awesome" soon. However, the boydroid, who this week reportedly signed up to Mountain View's latest social network effort Google+, declined to comment further. …


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  1. Ooo-wait-BUT!
    Paris Hilton


    ... time for all the FarceBookers to re-check their security settings then

    1. Velv


      But at least they've got advance notice this time

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I'll put a note in my diary

    for the traditional fumbling Facebook apology, retraction and clarification in a fortnight or so

  3. Tchou

    What would be

    REALLY awesome would be to see everyone dropping this kind of crap.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    If the iPhone app is as "good" as the one for Android then "awesome" is not the word I'd use.

    1. Captain Underpants

      Well, it might be technically true

      Something doesn't have to be *good* to be awe-inspiring :D

  5. louis walsh's toilet
    Paris Hilton

    thought there was one?

    please explain to my friday afternoon mind - i already have the facebook app on my ipod touch, and i'm sure you can run it on the ipad.....

    plus, would this really be 'awesome'?

    1. juice Silver badge

      There's certainly an iPhone/iPod Touch Facebook app...

      But there isn't a native iPad app: instead, you have to run the iPhone version, with the "2x" upscaling enabled. Which looks pretty poor - and compared to the Android app, the functionality feels quite limited)

      (you also have to ask: why has it taken Facebook so long to produce a native iPad version? The iPad was released over a year ago and has sold in very healthy numbers to the "young professional" demographic which *hearts* sites such as Facebook and Linkedin)

      If there is a new iOS app coming out, hopefully they can improve on the functionality of the Android app. In my experience, the chat system is broken and it has a nasty habit of caching old page views - so when you get a notification that a comment's arrived, you can't actually see what the comment is! And I'd love to take a cluebat to whichever genius decided that on a device with potentially limited bandwidth (3G reception in Leeds and Sheffield is patchy at best), the app should load images before text...

      1. Giles Jones Gold badge


        He said the iPad isnt a mobile device. Which implies that if you are at home then use a PC.

  6. adnim


    the only sensible application to use to interact with Facebook is Firefox with a few choice addons to block third party cookies and scripts, minimise data exposure and control script execution.

    A black box, be it a software black box, that does what the employers of the developers think is best practice, regardless of what your position on data egress is, is not a sensible application.

  7. Ian Halstead


    That'll be the 'awwwww' sound we make when something dies.

  8. NoneSuch Silver badge

    Facebook on iDevices

    Or name two things I do not use.

    When I learned HR Managers started using Facebook to see if you were an acceptable job candidate for their company, I deleted my FB account and never regretted it.

    1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

      "I deleted my FB account and never regretted it"

      And you honestly think that your account data has been deleted ?

    2. Beatnyama

      HR? What HR?

      Are you always looking for work?

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Spoiler alert

    It's a search engine called OggleNook or something.

  10. Marvin O'Gravel Balloon Face

    launch something awsome...

    Maybe it's a spaceship.

  11. Anonymous Coward

    Because, hey, the kids need MORE facebook time.... dog LIKES your cat!

  12. This post has been deleted by a moderator

  13. FozzyBear


    Great now I have a mental picture of a seriously warped version of C3PO saying awesome in the manner of bill and teds excellant adventure.

    Time to up the meds.

    Fuck it it's a boring afternoon at work I'm gonna see how this rides !

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