back to article Phishers switch focus to targeted attacks, warns Cisco

Cybercrims are switching tactics from traditional email-based mass security threats to lower volume targeted attacks, according to a report by Cisco Security Intelligence Operations. A survey of more than 360 IT bods across 50 organisations found that in the past year the cost of email-based hacks - financial, stolen …


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  1. doperative

    Solution to cybercriminal activity

    Do your online browsing from a bootable CD ..

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Phising Blocks?

      And how does that work to block phising attempts....

  2. 124Out

    More junk surveys

    Security vendor produces survey showing that everything is very scarey.

    Sex, lies and cybercrime surveys:

  3. horngary

    The Cisco report

    I'm surprised your story didn't include a link to the original study.

  4. Arctic fox

    Just goes to show that being part of a social network.........

    ...........on the web is may be not such a clever idea.

    "containing high levels of personal info gleaned from dossiers collated on social networking sites, press releases or company correspondence."

    Much of the information about us that these scumbags use to attack us is info *we* have put out there *ourselves*. Richly ironic that our (very) human tendency to gossip about ourselves and others is being amplified and "megaphoned" around the whole planet in a way that is unique in human history, thus providing these criminals with rich pastures to graze in - particularly when planning attacks involving a significant element of social engineering.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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