back to article Patriot hackers disrupt al-Qaeda websites

Patriot hackers have interfered with al Qaeda's ability to issue videos and messages to supporters via a series of apparently coordinated denial of service attacks against Jihadist websites. No one has claimed responsibility for the reportedly sophisticated denial of service attacks. Denial of service attacks, at their most …


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  1. EJ
    Black Helicopters

    Ain't that something

    Sounds like my government has taken a page from the Chinese government.

  2. mike cupcake

    I thought the cupcake PDF hack story

    had been proved untrue?

  3. Zippy the Pinhead

    They should have pushed malware to the site the 1st time

    Then the malware phones home and you know the IP of the possible Jihadist.

    1. Kibble


      How do you know for sure that they didn't include malware in the package, Zippy?

  4. Bernard M. Orwell

    Double Standards

    "... reportedly sophisticated denial of service attacks...."

    You mean, because it's (ahem) patriots then its a sophisated cyber-attack and not a bunch of "script kiddies" in this case?

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    abligatory target: al-Qaeda websites

    Cite one of these "real" al-Qaeda NeT IPBLoCKs'.

    Theme here is worded like government / fascist media mind control conspiracy bs rabbit trail.

    List the cidr /8 netblocks or shut the F-up.. Yeah you heard me!

    It's also a crass vulgar insinuation people who visit said suggested sites are labeled as "terrorist sympathizers" and probably put into some freaking list.

    You know what I want disrupted?

    The continued daily assault by oath breaking officials on the US Constitution and Bill of Rights

    I like to see the codex go up in a pure white light until it no longer exists or controls.

    The FDA de-activated, DHS de-activated, TSA de-activated, and those are just on the tip of my tongue.

    If the EPA is not to be de-activated, then the GREEN bs, and GULF OF MEXICO disaster, and radiation monitoring be UNDER PUBLIC CONTROL and OVERSIGHT.

    I like to see Monsanto STOPPED from a de-population +Profit agenda (I don't care how compartmentalized it is)

    If the FCC is to not be de-activated, then the PEOPLE will set their fscking mission statement this time and all the fascist commercial and political crap rolled back.

    This shit is way out of control.

    THIS IS A SEED STORY FOR FALSE FLAG(poor choice of descriptive word I know) INTERNET/WEB TAKEOVER.

    I'm in the US, I served the country in the military, I am no dipshit on electronics, electrical, firmware, or hardware, and I have no freaking idea what the hell this mind control crap is even talking about. Patriot Hackers? WHERE? Even if it was TRUE, then why isn't there some open thing where any US Citizen can HACK on other countries with a phucking KMA card?!

    There's no al-queada blacklist. I have a china blacklist, a korea blacklist, a brazil, a bla bla bla but no al-queada. I have never seen the headers of ONE al-queada spam SMTP email. If I did how could I even prove it, this is yet even more mind control BS.

    You don't hack in the USA unless your above the law, and that's the point right there, because at that point there is no law at all.

    You can flame me, vote me down, whatever. ALL MY KARMA on this right here right now.

    It's at the point where our leaders are "THE" domestic terrorists.

    What do you expect the economy and monetary system to be with domestic terrorists running it?

    Who is going to stop them when they CONTROL LAW ENFORCEMENT?

    1. This post has been deleted by its author

    2. Anonymous Coward


      I see English words but few seemed to be linked in a normal English language way.

      But I did manage to determine through all the verbiage and TLA's that you seem to be pretty angry about something or other.

      It's a shame that your ability to write coherent English is wanting somewhat.

      Now calm down dear and have a nice cool beer!

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