back to article Moderatrix kisses the Reg goodbye

In news sure to send the massed ranks of Reg commenters running for the tissue box for the other reason, the Moderatrix is packing up her paddles and departing for dungeons new. Yes, I shall be leaving you all to fight amongst yourselves after the best part of four years at the well of IT shoutpouring. It's been an education, …


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  1. Shades

    So long,

    and thanks for all the fish!

    Good luck with wherever you whippin^H^H^H^H^Hworking next.

  2. Scarborough Dave
    Thumb Up

    Love the Piccy!

    Very to the point!

    1. Sir Runcible Spoon


      No points on her fingers though - must be a lesbian :P

      Just thought I'd throw in a parting shot. Very sad to see you go Ms. Bee, very sad.

  3. SuperTim


    I get the feeling a lot of the folks here will be sad to see you go. I am.

    1. alwarming

      Re: Goodbye...

      ... I can't imagine why someone would down vote SuperTim, but to each his/her own.

      Love & Tissues.

      1. Anonymous Coward

        That would be because

        The upvotes were at 69, and to add to that would be a crime.

      2. Jonathan Richards 1

        re I can't imagine why someone would down vote SuperTim

        Blinded by tears, and racked with uncontrollable sobs, the unfortunate commentards could not control the mouse cursor with any precision, resulting in an horrific downvote of a splendid sentiment.

        Good luck Sarah, in whatever venture you undertake.

      3. Mediocrates

        The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits

        "I can't imagine why someone would down vote SuperTim"

        It is obvious that both of Sarah Palin's supporters read the Reg comments.

    2. Stuart Moore
      Thumb Up

      Favourite memories?

      Favourite memories of Miss Bee?

      Mine was

      Can we have an "ODFO" icon in her honour please?

  4. gaz 7


    that's almost as exciting as back in victorian times when you got a saucy flash of a ladies ankle!

    you'll be missed though....

    Coat, cos well you've now got yours

    1. farizzle
      Thumb Up

      or even rarer...


  5. Circadian


    Best wishes for whatever comes next! I know you'll miss us (especially since the sights got filed off your hunting-rifle*)

    *with thanks to Emo Philips

  6. Monkey Bob


    *gasp* ...oooooooooooooooooo.

    That is all.

    1. Peter Gathercole Silver badge

      I was going to say

      exactly the same.

  7. Alan W. Rateliff, II
    Paris Hilton

    So long, and thanks for all the fish

    Seriously. You've been a blast will be missed.

    Paris, all hail our next moderatrix.

  8. dboy

    The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

    Love the tags... indecent images indeed. Best of luck in your new dominion.

    1. Ted Treen


      ..or domination?

      Silly me, getting Moderatrix & Dominatrix mixed up...

      Seriously, SB, good luck in your new venture and our very best wishes always wherever you go & whatever you do**

      **Unless it's joining the LibDems, of course.

  9. Captain Underpants

    Aw :(

    This is a bit of a "Nooooo! They be stealin my bucket!" moment, really.

  10. bob, mon!

    What, is it April 1 already???

    (required letters)

    Dear Folks,

    Having lovely time, wish you would post bail.

    your loving coward,


    cc: parole officer,therapist,kidnappers

    1. Anonymous Coward


      A clear sign that I have spent too long reading TheReg and other messageboard of similar ilk featuring anonymites, I artifically and automatically separated that word into two halves after the third character...

  11. h4rm0ny

    So sorry to see you go.

    Will you censor this last cunting-tit-cock post of mine, just for old time's sake. :)

    Beer to take with you, in case your new place is more sober.

    1. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: So sorry to see you go.

      Certainly not. x

    2. Anonymous Coward

      Why should she - it is more material for her "proper job"

      Well, those of us who have looked up Sarah Bee on LinkedIn the past have always been wondering wtf is she doing moderating these:

      My guess is - she has been collecting material.

      Guys and gals - I am betting a case of beer that we should expect a book any time soon.

  12. Thomas 4


    The comments section won't be the same without you around. We'll be able to say what we think, for a start.

    Best of luck with the future though.

  13. Andyf

    Long live the Moderatrix, the Moderatrix is gone!

    I can't say that a moderators posts have made me laugh out loud the way yours sometimes have, @16:03 being a prime example.

    Good luck, you'll be missed.

    Go icon, because you are

  14. amanfromearth

    So that's the end of the lefty feminist nonsence :)

    Good luck..

  15. Anonymous Coward

    Good enough for me Sarah!!!


    Take care, hope you are moving somewhere excellent and geekless :)

  16. Ben Tasker

    So long and thanks for the laughs!

    Gonna miss watching other people getting bollocked and humiliated in your unique way!

  17. Steve Evans

    Oh no!

    Who let you play with the crayons?!

  18. Camilla Smythe

    No shoe on your head!


    Not the real Bee without a shoe on your head.

    I call fake or kidnap via LulzSec/Anonymous.

    Worry not...

    Forces are being selected and plans made for mobilisation of the rescue squad at this very moment.

    Oooooo Pub-O-Clock

  19. CleatsAndCode

    Have fun

    Your input will be missed

  20. glennog 1

    So sad, so long

    Your quips, side-swipes and reckless mirth will be sorely missed. You were a credit to El Reg. Good luck in dungeons new. x

    Esc for the obvious reason

  21. Matt D (Sub-Ed)

    See you!


    Take care, chook.

    Matt D


  22. Ally J

    Bye bye

    It's a terrible thing for someone who's been reading El Reg for at least 10 years to say, but you're one of the few that I could name off the top of my head. I shall miss your distinctive style.

    Best of luck in whatever you do next.

    1. Suburban Inmate

      ^ What Ally said!!

      And thanks for not letting through too much of what the beer typed!

      <-- That one's for you!

  23. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: Get Stuffed

    Oh thank you, I'm just about to go to lunch, and I certainly will eat alot.

  24. seanj

    Don't go! They'll double your pay!

    Title says it all - if "they" say they won't, there's an army of commentards who'll storm Vulture Central and open filing cabinet drawers and leave them in a dangerous, open position for unsuspecting hacks to bash shins, elbows and foreheads on, fling stacks of papers recklessly and without care to the floor, stuff plasticine down the vending machine coin slot and add itching powder to the coffee granules...

    But, just slightly more seriously (about as serious as you are about missing the place), all the best, your distinctive style of loving^H^H^H^H^H^H abusive moderation will leave a constant pang of emptiness for all who post shit in future.....

  25. Andrew Moore


    Jude doesn't sound like a girls name.

    Anyway, good luck in wherever you end up Sarah.,

    1. frank ly

      Perhaps it's 'Judith'

      Or Judicious... we will find out soon (if we are permitted).

      Good luck Miss Bee, my best wishes for your future.

    2. Marvin the Martian

      Jude unfeminine?

      As unfeminine as Asley is unmanly I suppose.

      Possibly the Beatles were wrong, of course. And on the subject of wrongness: she says the comments were "ulcer-inducing"... It's a complete myth that ulcers are caused by stress or other mental factors; it's Heliobacter pylori that does it.

  26. Disco-Legend-Zeke

    Surely, Shirley, Sweet Sassy Sarah, I...

    ...will continue to post comments here, but i will no longer sport wood while doing so.

    Best of luck and every success in your new top secret gig.

    I miss Sarah already.

  27. jai

    a sad sad day

    all the best for the future. El Reg comments pages have certainly been a lively and exciting place under your rule, i'm not sure any other news site is as fun

    and welcome to our new keeper!!

  28. Anonymous John

    How can El Reg expect me to complete a survey at a time like this?

    Totally insensitive..Sob.

  29. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Good luck!

    And cheers for the lulz.

  30. Anonymous Coward

    Pic to be shopped and posted on certain other sites within 24 hours.

    Not by me of course, but some commentards have a curious sense of "fun".

    Seriously, what is the career path for a retired moderatrix, other than *upward*?

    1. Kevin Reader


      Indeed, though I fear the _laminators_ may be running through the night on that one.

  31. Gareth Gouldstone

    I trust the Cake and wine shop does well!

    From an earlier comment:

    Sarah Bee

    Re: Happy are the days #

    Posted Monday 25th January 2010 12:38 GMT

    I can't wait for the day when comments are silenced. Then I'll be free to pursue my dream of opening a cake shop in Penrith (one that serves fine wine, obviously).

    You'll be much missed!

    1. Blofeld's Cat

      Uh ho

      I suspect that the cake may be a lie.

      Mind you Aperture Science would seem to be an obvious career move...

      Good Luck Sarah.

      1. Bill B

        but was it

        I thought that the whole point was that the cake *wasn't* a lie?

  32. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Good luck at your new post, Sarah

    ...also good luck to whoever's tied to it.

  33. Sam Liddicott


    Only TWO kisses? Or were those x symbolizing black eyes?

  34. thecakeis(not)alie


    Bye Sarah!

    All the best in the future. You will unquestionably be missed. And whn life gives you lemons, remember Cave Johnson's advice:

    "I don't want your damn lemons! What the hell are these?! Demand to see life's manager! Make life rue the day it thought it could give Cave Johnson lemons! Do you know who I am? I'm the man who's gonna burn your house down! WITH THE LEMONS! I'm gonna get my engineers to invent a combustible lemon that BURNS YOUR HOUSE DOWN!"

    It's been a hoot.

    Hello, Jude!

    You have big shoes to fill. I hope Sarah gave you a "here is how you maintain sanity with these wretches" boot camp. You're going to need it...

    1. Openminded Cynic

      RE: Moderatrices

      "You have big shoes to fill" Thigh high boots infact - at least in my dreams.

  35. Peter Galbavy


    good luck! x

  36. Robert Heffernan

    Nooo.. Say it aint so!

    Solong Sara!

    No one else could ever come close to cracking the whip the way you can.

  37. Rob

    Well done...

    ... for finally making a break for it, hope your new establishment treats you well.

    I'm going to miss your censoring (good pic by the way).

    Icon: Bunch of flowers, leaving card and a boots voucher ;-)

    1. Rob


      Why did this post warrant a downvote? Not bothered, just curious.

  38. Stephen 5
    Thumb Up

    Take care Sarah

    and may the whip be with you always!

  39. stuartrc

    Oh that sucks

    For us of course. Will really miss your pithy put downs, El reg is a poorer publication without you.

    Best of luck with whatever is next.

  40. Anonymous Coward

    Best of...

    I'd reckon a "Best of the Moderatrix" would be a fitting tribute.

    Being only a part-time commentard, I can't recall many suitable exchanges, but would at least like to thank you for the this link earlier:

    Anyone else have something to contribute?

    1. peyton?

      Elliott Smith

      Did not know of this musician until random comment:

      A happy discovery.

  41. Anonymous Coward

    *looks at picture*

    You have cute handwriting, baby. Ooh.

    ...In all seriousness, best of luck in your future endeavors. Here's hoping you don't have to deal with a bunch of foul, witless cretins like the ones (yours truly excepted, natch) who post here.

    1. Captain TickTock

      Cute Handwriting..

      And that geeky glasses thing going on... oh yeah, baby.

      All the best wherever you go. This cake shop, it's not part of a chain,

      or got chains,

      in the basement?

      If Jude is only half as much fun, we'll be just fine.

      Thank you, and goodnight!

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Sarah's a Meganekko?

        One wonders just how many fetishes our Ms Bee embodies....

        (Actually, probably the same number as everyone else give or take a lie or two, we're all fetishes to somebody)

      2. alwarming

        Re: "We'll be just fine"

        Dude! Jude's a dude!

  42. Greg J Preece

    4 years

    Don't know how you put up with us for that long. :-)

  43. Z 1

    Sorry to see you go

    But enjoy your new job. Have a drink on me

  44. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Oh well, all good things must end but you'll be missed, I hope you've been training a new Moderatrix?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      'I hope you've been training a new Moderatrix?'

      Sarah's told us the forums will now be firmly spanked by Jude.

      He does not sound like a moderatrix - at least not in my fantasies.

      By the way Sarah, if you haven't left yet is there still time to tell you about my fantasies? Sarah? Sarah?

  45. Admiral Grace Hopper

    I enjoyed your work

    Good luck in the future.

  46. Ivor
    Paris Hilton

    Fuck noooooooo

    Where are the tissues.

  47. Dale Richards


    Best of luck with your new calling. I'll be missing you terribly.

    I can't find the "El Reg is dead to me, cancelling my subscription" icon so you'll have to make do with this nonplussed face.

    1. Goat Jam


      They should have brought the old RIP Register headstone icon out of retirement specially for this occasion.

  48. Rodus

    and we'll miss you too

    No, really!

  49. adnim


    may you find only your favorite flavours in this dog eat dog world.

    Have a hug and my best wishes.

  50. xperroni

    Oh Sarah, I hardly knew ye...

    ...though I might be better of that way?

  51. Chris Leeson

    An El Reg first?

    Is the comments section really going to become the biggest leaving card in history?

    All the best in the new job.

    I usually sign leaving cards with a squiggle upside-down on the back. Can't do that here, of course...

  52. AndyG_IOM

    Re Pic...

    mmmmmmmmmmm Hubba Huba !!!!!

    That is all ;-)

  53. raving angry loony


    Frankly my dear, I think you did a great job. Good luck in the next layer of hell.

  54. Anonymous Coward

    The title is too long.


    Yesh, a big no, just for you. Commentard BCP demands it. Don't know what we'll do without you. (Actually... but I digress.)

    Ah well. Fortune and good luck wherever it is you're going then.

    No cake & wine icon so a beer will have to do.

  55. Anonymous Coward

    Best wishes

    We'll miss you.

  56. Will Godfrey Silver badge


    I come home from woo... wrrrr (still can't say that word) for a nice relaxing read and laugh, only to be smacked with this right between the eyes. It's not fair. I protest. I'm revolting - doncha no.

    I shall just have to have an extra one (or two) of these to recover.


    But then again, what else can we expect - I just hope you treat your new victim^H^H^H^H friends just as bad^H^H^H well.


    Like the piccy :)

  57. Gaz 2

    But but but...

    without you to keep the ever growing army of commentards at bay the world is surely doomed!

    I can picture it now. The last surviving sub-editor stumbling into your dungeon one day, mutteringly incoherently, eyes wild with fear. Badly mauled and delirious with exhuastion, they manage one last desparate whisper before expiring in your arms: "They. Are. Coming *hrrrk*"

    Suddenly the lights go and there's a skittering sound in the darkness. Then another. And another one still. The noises grow in frequency and volume as if drawing closer. They are soon accompanied by low keening moans that build and build until they become an unbearable cacophany of screeching.

    Suddenly, there is silence. Yet something tells you this is not over. Then you feel it. A presence by your side that makes your skin crawl and hair stand on end. The air becomes heavier and harder to breath, as if some invisible gloom is closing in around you, slowly suffocating. Your body goes numb and feel yourself falling to the floor.

    The last thing you are aware of is a deathly rasping voice whispering in your ear: "Where is the the IT angle?!"

    Ahem. On a more serious note, you'll be missed! Best of luck wherever you're going though :)

  58. Heineken Please

    HEY! Jude....

    I'll get that in first...

    Seriously, enjoy your time out of the asylum. It has been great waiting for the scathing comment that masochistic commentards are asking for.......

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      I wish you hadn't

      I know I certainly resisted the urge . . .

  59. Anonymous Coward

    Farewell, Sarah

    Thanks for your forebearance, your levelheadedness, your wit and your good humour amongst we motley reprobates.

    Best wishes for your future endeavours.

  60. Cunningly Linguistic

    Being replaced by a bloke?

    Where's the fun in that?

    Good luck with your new taskettes, I hope you get some....satisfaction at your new port of call.

  61. Efros

    Nice one

    We'll miss the 'trix! Bon Voyage etc.

  62. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    You and your humour will be missed

    Many people said it before, but I'll say it again: these forums won't be the same without Miss Bee...

    Can I point fellow readers to the site, without incurring the wrath of the Moderatrix? There is a lovely pic there

    Anon because... I don't really know, she can see my account details anyway!

    1. Wize

      The site is down

      Looks like everyone broke it trying to get a better glimpse of the lovely Ms Bee.

      Yep, you will be sorely missed with your witty comebacks and the way you grind the idiots into the ground.

  63. Aaron Em

    Good luck and God bless

    Here's hoping your next job doesn't involve running this kind of nursery.

  64. Kristian Walsh

    Ta, and good Luck!

    ... thanks for the patience reading though the bilge I post on here :)

    Good luck with the new thing...

  65. Ian Stephenson

    Please.. just one last...

    .. "odfo" before you hit the road.

    Please, it would mean so much to your undying* fanbase.

    Goodbye and goodluck, please come back and visit us (visiting hours 6 till 8, no sharp objects allowed).

    I am sure many of us will watch your future career with great interest.

    Can we have an odfo icon in tribute please?

    *Not a lot of difference between some of us and zombies.

  66. irrelevant

    best wishes

    I never had the (mis)fortune to exchange banter with you, but always enjoyed your comments. You brought a very human touch to the place. I'll miss you.

  67. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Your wish is my command

    *gets stuffed*

  68. copsewood

    I rated this article utterly terrible

    Because I've enjoyed your witty comments and ... sensible approach to moderation, and El Reg will not be the same without you. You even censored me once, but on that occasion I guess I must have deserved it; I'm crazy enough to have once attempted to moderate an ancient and very long and vitriolic flamewar myself so I understand fully. Best wishes in your future endeavours and all that nonsense.

  69. Boris the Cockroach Silver badge

    OH nooooooo!

    The moderatrix has found a proper job

    Good luck with it

  70. Arthur the cat Silver badge


    Is there something you haven't told us about yourself "Sarah"?

  71. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Will not be the same place.

    I, for one, welcome our new non-lefty non-feminist moderator....with the frikkin' laser mounted shark head. But where is the IT angle and where's our damn Playmobile reconstruction?

    Paris? Because she's not a patch on our Moderatrix...

    1. sT0rNG b4R3 duRiD
      Paris Hilton


      Paris will just let anything in....

  72. Mike Moyle
    Thumb Up

    Thank you, Sarah...

    ...It's been enjoyable (for us, at least).

  73. Adair Silver badge

    And I always thought...

    we were quite a polite and seemly bunch, but then maybe that just shows how well you've done your job; with some style and grace too!

    All the very best.

  74. Tim

    Good luck!

    You must have really been losing your mind with all the 'tard-wrangling if Silicon Roundabout counts as an escape.

    May your options vest fully and your VCs visit rarely.

  75. Anonymous Coward

    I have tears in my eyes

    Tears of joy for you.

    Tears of pain for me.

    ODFO; now i feel better. :-)

  76. Mr Young

    Good luck and best wishes

    This news makes me a little bit less scared of El Reg now - I'm not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing? Have a pint

  77. Anonymous Coward

    Does the new job.....

    ....come with a pump action shotgun and studded leather gloves?

    I do hope so......

    I shall be watching out for the mushroom cloud on the horizon :)

  78. soaklord


    Does that mean that there will suddenly be an influx of banned, blaspheming terminology? M$ comes to mind...

    You made me laugh. Thanks and best of luck at your new gig. Give them hell for us.

  79. Chad H.


    Now we'll never know if she's any relation to Sam Bee from the Daily show...

  80. DAN*tastik

    Dearly remembered

    Sarah, I will miss you.

    <== Could we have the icon here assigned to the new moderatrix ( or moderator? ) in your memory? ( maybe thumbs up and down as a readers' referendum on the idea? )

    Or any other icon dedicated to you, just because... The one with the tombstone seems to be free now...

    I will have a pint tonight and toast to your years at El Reg. The bitter tears that will flow into the glass will make it last forever.


  81. Anonymous Coward

    Let's make babies

    You're obviously as short-sighted as I am long, er, sighted.

    Together we could make children whose vision falls within the one arc-minute visual acuity norm.

    *fumbles with bridge of poorly sellotaped together bottle-bottoms*

  82. Artimus Sedgwicke


    "Bye Bye Bee Bee

    Bee Bee Bye Bye"

    (Appologies to Bay City Roller fans...Heck no! )

  83. Paul_Murphy

    Still ever the lady..

    Well done for all the moderaterizing over the years, I hope your therapy sessions don't last too long.

    All the best, it's been a pleasure.

    Stay civilised :-)


  84. John Gamble

    Re(ally): Get Stuffed

    Aw. So Cute.

    Best wishes to you from this side of the Atlantic. And to your new employers: watch out. She Is Not To Be Messed With.

  85. Anonymous Coward


    If you were a real Moderatrix you should have whipped us all into shape by now.


    We are going to miss you; who is going to massage our nads with deep heat now???

    Nuked, cos thats how deep-heated nads feel ¦:-o

  86. Anonymous IV

    Am I alone in thinking?

    that the reference to the new moderatrice Jude was pretty obscure...

    Let's hope that she is as hardy as you have been over the past few years (excluding the April Fool resignation scare, of course).

  87. Anonymous Coward

    Bye Sarah and good luck.

    Not that you should need it.

  88. Neil Greatorex


    I've been reading (what became) El Reg since Mike & John's second CIX newsletter. Post new-fangled-interweb El Reg has been a permanently open tab in my browser (Opera - natch) since the late C20th & a daily/hourly good read. Having said all that; it was the advent of comments (moderated by the delightful dearly departed) that took El Reg to a new level.

    Some of your responses^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H cutdowns were sublime:-)

    Good luck in future endeavours.

    Got stuffed! x x ©

  89. Natalie Gritpants

    Left handed eh?

    That explains a lot.

  90. skeptical i

    Jude, you have some mighty sturdy over-the-knee patent leather stiletto boots to fill ...

    ... welcome and good luck.

    Sarah, your pets must be better trained than I'd imagined: you managed to wrest some legible handwriting out of them/him/her with no blood spatters -- VERY impressive.

    ... ^^^ ... welcome one for the arriving, one for the road for the departing

  91. BlueGreen

    a classy showing

    thank you and good luck

  92. Emo
    IT Angle

    Good luck

    and all the best in your new venture :) x

  93. Oninoshiko


    You'll be missed.

    Good luck.

  94. Stuart Elliott

    Have fun

    Hope the new jobs is half as fun as this one, and twice the salary.

    Cheers for the fun.

  95. Gannon (J.) Dick

    The future is bright

    In time you'll be able to edit your CV from "Moderatrix" to "Piano Player" ...

    Good Luck

  96. Snark
    IT Angle


    Damn, that means I'll have to read El Reg for the IT articles rather than pretending to read it for the IT and really looking for the moderation comments. *sigh* ahh well I guess I might get some work done in the day now.

    The best of luck Sarah, you've made a lot of us laugh through our grimaces.

    (Had to have the where's the IT angle icon just for old times sake).

  97. M Gale


    As title.

    May you have fun cracking your whip in pastures new!

  98. lotus49

    Goodbye Sarah

    You may not be sorry to see the back of us, but we shall be sorry to see the back of you.

    Good luck with the cakes.

  99. jake Silver badge

    Fare thee well, lady :-)

    If you're ever in San Francisco's North Bay, drop me a line. The wife & I will buy you lunch as a small measure of compensation ;-)

  100. Anonymous IV

    Truly sad to see you go...

    But love the picture of you in Sue Perkins emulation mode!

  101. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    Sherlock, Miss Marple and Columbo will all miss you.


  102. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I remember getting my emails on the weekly round ups before the comment boxes existed - good times. Have a blast. It's been emotional.

  103. Anonymous Coward

    Best of luck, Sarah!

    It's been a wonderful time together.

  104. Paratrooping Parrot

    Sad day...

    This is a sad day. How you managed to remain sane after reading all the comments, I don't know. You will be missed :(

  105. OrsonX

    Who hasn't signed the card?

    I've put 20p and a few coppers in the envelope towards your leaving present.

    Best Wishes!

  106. F111F


    There must be a playmobile reconstruction of Sarah's last day at the Reg in the works eh?

  107. Mage
    Thumb Up

    Bon Voyage!

    Is it really 4 years?

    Which of us has been spending too much time here?

  108. zen1

    I for one...

    Am going to miss our evil overlord-ette!

  109. Pseu Donyme

    Blimey :I

    Farewell :)

  110. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward



    1. sT0rNG b4R3 duRiD
      Thumb Down


      Apparently *quite* a lot of us.

      So please fuck off, yea?

  111. strangefish


    nice fingernails

  112. Andrew Taylor 1

    Please tell me..............

    you're not the new Editor of Heat or Closer, that would be too much.

    Good look where ever you are going.


    Nuclear mushroom because that's what one of your put down's felt like ;-)

  113. Cliff


    Oh, you did. Respect!

  114. Robert E A Harvey

    Goodbye Ms Bee

    and Glod help them where you are going...

  115. Matt Bryant Silver badge


    All the best!

  116. MarkieMark1

    Beautiful too

    You're the Best, Sarah, good luck in your future röle

    1. Captain TickTock


      there, fixed that for you.

      Ditto otherwise

      1. MarkieMark1

        thanks :-)

        Muscle memory makes me press shift for some reason; then the 'edit' font makes the ö/ô look very similar

        I'll try one more time then :-D

        good luck in your new rôle, Sarah

  117. nyelvmark
    Thumb Up

    Oh, the temptation... go for the downvote record by saying "good riddance". But I'm too far down the thread for enough people to read it.

    Sarah - thanks for your tolerance and wit. Will you miss us as much as we miss you? I suspect that your answer today might be "No fricking WAY", but in the future?

    Never look back. Remember Orpheus.

  118. A 20

    So long and thanks for all the fish!

    You'll be missed; and with the eyesight of this lot that's not surprising ;)

    Congratulations on your successful escape!

  119. Anonymous Coward

    I always wondered...

    ...what happened to Jarvis Cocker. Never dreamed he worked for the Reg. Must be the mis-shapes.

  120. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    We who are unworthy

    ... salute you.

    Break a leg!

  121. Heff

    do not go quietly, into that good night

    Tits or GTFO wins again.

    Much <3 and good luck out there.

  122. Lghost

    You'll bee missed miss Bee

    : c

  123. Rattus Rattus

    We'll miss you, Sarah

    All the best in your new role, wherever that may be. And the pic was just perfect.

  124. Anonymous Coward

    What? Wait, who left the key in reach...

    Ms. Bee, best of luck in your new endeavour. Hopefully the chafe marks from the ankle chains will fade soon.


  125. Stephen 10

    To quote you...


    but in the nicest possible way!

    Good luck!

  126. Winkypop Silver badge

    Oh noes

    Shock Horror!

    : (

  127. Haku


    Go ahead and leave us why don't you!







  128. Bernard M. Orwell


    The Bees ARE vanishing after all!

    Ahem. That aside, farewell and know that the place won't be the same without you Sarah.


  129. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    That hair, those glasses look somehow strangely familar....

    From a site I have hear others describe.

    Do you have an aunt you sometimes visit?

    In the mean time I will retain my cheery grin and aim to keep my comments friendly. Although the grin might become a bit more Joker than Willy Wonker in future.

    This being Friday I will of course raise a glass to the one that got away.

  130. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    ** applause **

    That is all ... very best wishes.

  131. Jim 59


    Give us all one last whipping before you go ! Please.

  132. DragonLord

    Good luck

    And I'm sure the place will be less bright without you :)

  133. MJI Silver badge

    Best wishes

    For the future

  134. Ian Halstead


    For a minute there I thought you were going to be posing with a fretless bass. Good luck all the same. Your successor has a tough act to follow.

  135. Jim jimminy jim jim jim jim

    Ave! duci novo, similis duci seneci

    I for one welcome our new Dominatrix overlord (or lady)

  136. David Hicks

    Oh you can never leave...

    ...that''s just not how it works.

    You have been entertaining, which is most of what counts in this world, so good luck with future ventures :)

  137. Andre Carneiro

    God damn it!

    Why do the good ones always have to leave???

    Best of lucks in your endeavours, Sarah. Missing you already...

  138. Anonymous Coward

    Yeah, yeah, sure, whatever

    Very best of luck and thanks for all the spankings.

  139. Wortel

    Thank you

    And good luck, Ms. Bee. :)

  140. Apocalypse Later

    Psychology students on the net

    They never tell you what they are really up to.

  141. Heironymous Coward

    Can I..

    have your icon, if you're not going to be using it? :-)

    Although your comments were always a pleasure for us to read, I somehow doubt you would be able say the same about ours..

    Take care, good luck, don't drink anything I wouldn't drink, keep the wit flowing..

  142. Juillen 1

    Into the wild blue yonder..

    Good luck out there! May the times be fun, the mischief leave you (largely) in one piece and the gutters be comfy when you wake after the "investigative evenings out"..

  143. Jedit Silver badge
    Thumb Up

    Farewell Sarah ...

    ... and all say "Hi!" to Jude the Obscurer.

    (PS: Where do I forward marriage proposals to Sarah Bee?)

  144. Richard North

    This place will be poorer without you...

    Good luck in whatever you're doing next Sarah - I hope you enjoy it as much as we've enjoyed tormenting you. :-)

    Jude - you've got an impossible act to follow so you might as well give up right now and just let us get on with it. >:-)

  145. David 66


    Is not a boys' name. Doncha remember the chick from the Bibble? She even has her own book.

  146. Giddy Kipper
    IT Angle

    Adieu Sarah

    Bon voyage.

  147. Steven 1

    Boo! :(

    Sorry to hear your leaving Ms. Bee, I wish you the best of luck where ever you are off to!

  148. Matt Bradley

    So long and good luck

    Thanks for the laughs and the put downs. ;)

  149. Neil Hoskins

    Sub Headings

    I think it's the sub-headings I'll miss more than anything. The English language at its finest.

  150. DZ-Jay

    "Get Stuffed"?

    Or should it say, "Oh, GTFO!"


  151. Andy Landy

    there. now it does.

    I was half expecting to see a playmobil pic on page 2 :-)

    all the best for the future!

  152. Test Man

    Good luck!

    If you want my number, send me a message. I know you want to!

  153. Tony S

    Bye bye

    Busy working (yes really!), so I've only just seen the item about you leaving Sarah. So sad as you have definitely made me smile more than once or twice.

    Hugs, kisses, best wishes for the future.

  154. Sam Therapy
    Thumb Up

    Good luck!

    Best of luck in your new venture.

  155. Andus McCoatover

    Seriously best wishes, Sarah

    (I remembered the "H" this time ;-)

    I guess you'll check out the commentards occasionaly. Or not, if You don't want to upgrade Your meds..

    Seriously, thanks. Something has just been lost in El Reg, I think.


  156. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I pondered...

    ... but couldn't find anything of any meaning to say beyond ... farewell and may the wind be always at your back.

  157. Andus McCoatover

    Oh, one last thing...

    If you need a reference, You might notice You have 170....

  158. chr0m4t1c

    A sad day indeed

    Good luck in your new venture.

    Our hopes and dreams go with you, especially the ones that stuck to the soles of your shoes when you crushed them underfoot.


  159. Rob Beard

    Good luck!

    Loved the article, didn't expect the picture to be anything risque, probably just as well reading this at work.

    Good luck in your new venture, hope you'll be dropping in on occasion as a comentard.


  160. DZ-Jay

    By the way...

    Ms. Bee, I forgot to say, thanks for the good times, and good luck in your next enterprise.

    It's a bit sad that you're leaving El Reg; you made the commentards' pontificating, whinging, and snarking a bit more palatable. You shall be sorely missed.

    And again, good bye and GTFO!


  161. N_Wanzer

    So long, Farewell, ByeBye

    I hope someday I will find the new place of employment for Ms. Bee so I know where to send the bad jokes, puns, innuendos, and the occasional funny one liners.

    Good Luck, Ms. Bee! I wish you wealth, health, and prosperity now and forever.

  162. John 62

    all the best!

    sad to see you go, but it was great while it lasted. all the best in your new role.

    No where's the Reg Tombstone icon? Jude has a lot to live up to.

  163. Phil Standen
    IT Angle

    I, for one, .... farewell to our previous Overlord.

  164. Adrian Esdaile

    Have fun... wherever!


    We'll miss the S.B. smackdowns.


  165. Fred Mbogo


    I'm never getting that seeing to with the steel ruler!

    That farewell pic reminds me of Jennicam somehow.

    Mine's the one with Korean marital aids catalog in the pocket.

  166. Dr Christian

    Thank jove!

    Good riddance

  167. Southern


    ...I was enjoying those weird sub headings.

    Good luck with the new role Sarah!

  168. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Never gonna give you up

    Never gonna let you go....

    Aw crap; we tightened our grip and she slipped away from us anyway.

    Very best to you dearie.

  169. Scott Broukell

    USB (Universal Sarah Bee) Stick

    Ouch !

    Good Luck and Best Wishes.

    Hope that hang over will gone by first thing Monday morning ;-)

  170. John70

    Bye bye Sarah...

    ...and good luck in your new venture. You will be missed amonst these pages.

  171. Mike Cresswell

    All the Best

    All the best in whatever you do. We're all going to miss both your great articles and your marvellous put downs.

    I'm sure that if you ever become a mother you will find that your four years as moderatrix have been excellent preparation.

  172. alyn

    We've crossed swords

    We have crossed swords in the past, so if you want to have one last stab, feel free. I can take it.

    But seriously, enjoy it, whatever you new position is (reverse cowgirl. doggie, etc)

  173. Openminded Cynic

    It is a sad sad day indeed

    As a sign of respect I shall be wearing my trousers at half mast.

    Good luck in your new endevours. May your banstick eternally glisten with the brain matter of those who vex you slightly.


  174. david 63


    ...I've missed the chance to receive one of your excellent bitch-slaps.

    Live long and prosper.


  175. Danny 4

    Best Wishes

    As they say in the IT Crowd: Do you mind closing the door? No, from the other side.

  176. Youngdog

    Damm girl...

    ...what the he'll are we going to do without you?

    May the roads rise up to meet you and all your mistakes be happy ones!

  177. cdilla
    Thumb Up

    A definite loss

    A definite loss to the El Reg wonderwall.

    Good luck in your new venture(s) and don't look back.

  178. BorkedAgain

    As someone who remembers you from the Friday Project days...

    ...I'd like to say I'm sorry to see you go, and I look forward to hearing more of your future career.

    Take care, Sarah. You'll be missed.

    <-- I owe you a couple of these, I feel...

  179. txGreg

    you will be missed

    great pic, great job you've done. You will indeed be missed. (stop for obvious reasons, duh!)

  180. Chris Seiter

    Who has learned more?

    A few weeks ago I was looking at all my posts(self-importance moment) and was looking over the ones that were blocked and noticed that my cynicism of the world was showing through. Hopefully the blocked comments have not made you cynical to the world at large like I am. I'm sure you have your favorite commentors, both on the good side and bad.

    May your future path be a good one and hopefully your time here will be remembered for the times you laughed at the general humor of the comments and not for the times you had to cringe at the general sexism/stupidity. DietyOfChoice-speed, Ms. Bee. Your next adventure awaits.

  181. Marty McFly Silver badge


    First BOFH goes from weekly to whenever. Now Sarah Bee departs. Methinks there is a connection.

    Hey, there's an idea - Sarah Bee could make the occasional cameo appearance in BOFH!

  182. ElReg!comments!Pierre


    Way to ruin a perfectly good week-end.

    Good luck all the same.

  183. Someone Else Silver badge

    Re: you final parting (snap)shot

    A: If you insist...

    Best of luck at your new digs, Ms. B

  184. Mikel

    Best wishes!

    Be sure to write now and then.

  185. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    You will be missed

    Good luck at your next gig!

  186. DrewHew

    Mind the gap

    All the best on your journey...

    ...ya meddling ol' bat!! (Now I can troll in peace!!! Yaaaaaay!) :}

  187. Armus Squelprom

    What did I do?

    Perfect Ten, Collings & Herrin, now Sarah Bee.

    Why do they all leave me?

  188. Puck

    Genuinely sorry you're going

    Good luck Sarah

  189. proto-robbie

    Shurely shome mishtake?!

    I'll shurely mish Mish Bee, but will Mish Bee maybe mish me too?

    Och aye the noo.

  190. John Doe 1

    Job well done, ma'am

    Sentiment nicely and very succinctly expressed in that photograph. Truly speaks a thousand words. :-)

    All kidding aside, best of luck for future ventures.

  191. sT0rNG b4R3 duRiD


    Aw, no!!!!!

    Please say you still come back and entertain us with your dry sarcastic wit?

    Anyways, good luck. I know people must move on. Pity it's your turn but ah well and all that sort of thing.

  192. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Bon voyage!

    And thanks for all your patience, and in particular for protecting me from the wrath of Orlowski!

  193. web_bod

    Ms Bee you're a treasure

    Mortal : Same deal here. Little wife likes her FB - had to isolate her laptop from the rest of the family network. A nice quiet, safe, FB sandbox to muck up.

    Moderatrix : If you were my husband and you referred to me as 'little wife' I would make you a nice quiet, safe, deep sandbox for you to lie very still in.

  194. alien anthropologist


    ..and good luck lass.

  195. BillyIdol
    Paris Hilton

    So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu

    All the best. After the subversion comment, things won't be the same:

    ...And on and on and on and Ariston.

    Paris, because.... Just for old times' sake!

  196. /dev/me

    I hate goodbyes!

    But I hope your evil scheme to world moderation works out. Give 'm hell!

  197. Anonymous Coward

    Thanks for the sub heads


  198. The Mighty Spang

    good luck!

    to somebody who has never rejected my mostly drunk rantings I salute you

    ok so its 4am and i've just woken up from another drink related snooze to, err, have some more drink and empty the fridge of anything edible without cooking,,, again...

    where was I? oh yeah. best wishes for the future, when you open a rival the el reg do let me know :)

    nice pic BTW :)

  199. Cirdan

    Whatever will be

    will be; the future's not ours to see -- que sera, sera. Wish you well, Miss Bee.

    Good luck in your new digs, Sarah. And thanks for the fun from across the pond.

    <-- One for the road, since I never got you one before.

  200. Anonymous Coward

    Oh! How my heart bleeds....

    Lovely Ms Bee, you shall be missed x x

  201. Asgard

    Sorry to hear you are going!

    Good luck with your new job! ... Also judging by the large number of posts here, you've got a good PR opportunity to spread the word of your new location, when you are ready to reveal your new location. :)

    Plus just think, if you let The Reg say where you've gone (when you are ready), then you could have your very own "not IT?" comments on your new story and you won't have to deal with them! ;)

  202. Midas


    Dearest Ms. Bee, never had the privilege of feeling your sting but genuinely believe your input was essential in taming El Reg droves of marauders. I wish you get stuffed too and all the the luck with upcoming endeavors.

    So long and thanks for all the fish...

  203. Mister Major

    And she's cute, too!

    All the best Sarah

  204. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    All the best lass.

  205. Steve Gill

    Sad now

    ^ see above ^

  206. Spartacus

    Get Stuffed.

    One is left to assume that Ms Bee is now working for Domino's Pizza.

    Tis sad news to be greated with on the return from my jollies... :(

  207. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    A possible role model?

  208. E 2

    Fare well, Sarah.

    Best in the future! You'll be missed.

  209. alwarming
    Paris Hilton

    Moderatrix Reappearance ??

    The Lady in Guy Fawkes mask ?

    I wish.. <sigh>

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