back to article Spikes in demand get lost in the cloud

One approach to smoothing out application demand is a load-balanced server farm. Another is virtualisation to bring extra resources to bear when needed. But what about public cloud services? Surely they could be used to mop up excess demand? More disk space, more bandwidth? Certainly, how would you like to pay? The answer …


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  1. T J

    Rebadged, Renamed, Recycled and Ret*rded

    Its just clustering, it always was clustering, and always will be clustering.

    This is just clustering for the masses, and it has all the same problems, including problem-domain specific code requirements, fair sharing, live migration, and network availability.

    This, as hardware becomes almost free so you can do it all in the basement at a fraction of the cost of using an external entity.

    I like the term 'Clown'.

    Data storage in the Clown.

    Virtualization in the Clown.

    Clowning in the Clown.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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