back to article Vodafone to correct billing error

Vodafone’s woes in Australia continue, with the mobile carrier notifying customers that it will be implementing a “correction” to its billing system. While users won’t get stung with retrospective charges, the change will see more usage counted against customers’ data caps. The changes apply to P2P apps, VoIP traffic, and “ …


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  1. Head
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    Just now, i received an email happily telling me i have been billed by Vodafone. 3 months after i ended the contract!!

    man they are gonna get a serving later.

  2. mc nobby

    I dont recall a port spec in the contract

    I dont recall anything in signing my contract that says some ports will be charged and some wont? Does this mean that some ports will be charged at a higher rate than others, will it be based on the increment factor? 443 is four times as much as 80

  3. doctorjbeam
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    Moved to Voda, couldn't be happier

    I was a customer of 3 for five years, until recently - I'd had enough of their piss poor coverage and extortionate plans.

    To cut a long story short, I'm now paying half as much as I was on 3 for *more* calls and *unlimited* messaging on Voda, and my contract with Voda is only for six months - the remainder of my 3 contract. Oh, and the coverage is far better. Places where I would get no signal or roaming on 3, I now get HSDPA, full signal.

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