back to article Sony bomby-batteries pre-fingered

The US Department of Justice is considering a full-blown investigation into Sony's rechargeable batteries. Sony told Bloomberg that it had received a request for information on 3 May but declined further comment. Such a request is normally part of early DoJ probing - short of formal and public investigation. Presumably the …


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  1. XMAN

    More info please

    The article doesn't explain why they're looking into Sony batteries. What's the problem with them?

    You say that there was an exploding battery problem in the past, is it still the same problem?

    Please fill in the gaps :)

  2. BristolBachelor Gold badge

    Not sure that there is a monopoly

    There are a couple of points. Firstly Sony were the first to commercialise Li-Ion tech (and also currently do a lot of research), and so you would expect them to have a bit of a lead.

    Secondly, there are a large number of other suppliers of Li-Ion cells. If you go to China, you can find them almost anywhere. A lot of the other suppliers tend to be cheaper (or a lot cheaper); although the adage of you get what you pay for is significant here.

    Maybe there are issues with the policy of Sony to only sell the cells to approved packagers; which could be seen as using their cell manufacturing position to push their packaging operations, but they do certify 3rd party packagers, and as history has seen, the packaging and electronics around the packs make a significant difference to their safety, and so should be done properly.

    However I've been out of that business for a couple of years, so maybe something has changed?

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