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The old saying goes that if you go to hell, you'll be far too busy shaking hands with friends to care. Well, not in Shadows of the Damned's hell, you won't. Your finger's never off the trigger long enough to shake with fear, let alone shake hands with anyone. Shadows of the Damned Lighten up, mate Developed under the …


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  1. Flatpackhamster


    Shadows of the damned: Mediocre graphics, knob jokes, linear gaming - 70%

    Duke Nukem Forever: Mediocre graphics, knob jokes, linear gaming - 40%

    DNF didn't even get bonus points for having multiplayer?

    1. Phalamir

      Not peculiar

      3/4 of Shakespeare's plays fit that description. The existence of a feature is not the only thing that matters - the use and quality of that feature are also important.

      Duke Nukem played with a turd; my dog played with his turds - my dog was still a better way to spend my time than DNF

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Citation needed (and not just a link back to the front page of ElReg, for preference!)

    >"the more sexual, visceral imagery of Lovecraft "

    Can you provide references quoting any of this supposed imagery? I've not read all of his books by any means but as far as I've read so far, he's certainly no HR Giger. His imagery is sinister, macabre, twisted, perhaps occasionally a bit visceral, but sexual? That old prude? I have yet to see any evidence of it. His books relied on tension and atmosphere, not full-out gore guts and tentacle sex.

  3. Andrew Waite

    Sounds familiar?

    "skull sidekick [snip] (with) a propensity to spew knob gags" - so Morte? []

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