back to article Drunken bust-up woman sprays cops with breast milk

An Ohio woman is facing a substantial rack of charges after allegedly getting drunk at a wedding reception, assaulting her husband and then spraying cops with breast milk. Police mugshot of Stephanie Robinette Stephanie Robinette, 30, (pictured) was cuffed in the early hours of Saturday morning outside a banqueting hall in …


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  1. foo_bar_baz

    How USSR

    "report to the probation department for a mental-health assessment"

    Uncle Stalin would approve.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Thumb Down

      Reverse the sexes in the article

      and see if you still think so.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    38DD (well, its letters and digits innit?)

    and just what is the IT angle here?

    1. Anonymous John


      One of your acerbic comments please.

      1. DJV Silver badge

        Don't bother Sarah

        Here's one I made earlier:

        Scroll down just past half way or Ctrl-F for "bootnotes"

  3. Anonymous Coward

    "harassing a law-enforcement officer with a bodily substance"

    Only in America.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      In the uK it is GBH

      If she is positive for anything it is GBH if not it is an attempted GBH.

      1. No, I will not fix your computer

        Re: In the uK it is GBH

        Actually, if you feel threatened it's "assault" (no contact required, can still be assault), if you are struck (including fluids) it's "battery", if you are left with a wound it's GBH.

        Actually, it's not that simple, but as far as "offences against the person" goes it's close enough.

        1. BristolBachelor Gold badge

          @No, I will not fix your computer

          I have wondered why there is a set of laws for offences against the person (1965 IIRC), but that there is a different set of laws for offences against a police officer. Is that an admission about the police?

    2. maclovinz


      I've heard that after football matches it isn't that uncommon to run into individuals in the UK "soiling" the streets.


    3. LaeMing

      Re: Only in America.

      So you are saying that outside the Americas people are (or should be) generally okay about having strangers spraying possibly diseased bodily fluids at them?

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        I give up with some people.

        I was taking the piss out of America naming an offence in such a daft way.

        Where you lot get the impression I think what she did is acceptable or legal I have no idea.

  4. Maverick

    you owe me a new kb

    "jub juice bandit " fantastic

    made my week

  5. Arnold Lieberman

    How is 17-day old breast milk going to smell?


    Milky milky.

  6. Code Monkey
    Thumb Up

    "Rack of charges"

    Very good!

  7. Adrian Challinor

    Hang onn

    >> Robinette is apparently a teacher specialising in "helping children with autism,

    >> ADHD and other disorders".

    Surely this is the wrong thread. She should be advising Ryan Cleary on how to avoid a length jail sentance ...

    ... oh !

  8. ardubbleyu

    Why does...

    ...that kind of thing never happen to me?

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Re: Why does...

      they were police officers... not helpdesk guys/gals!

      you are in the wrong job my friend

      although... do you really want this to happen to you?!

  9. lansalot


    They could also do her for racketeering (sorry!).... or, driving with a load not securely tied down ?

  10. Jared Vanderbilt
    Paris Hilton

    A real tragedy

    Cops stuck in heaven with nary a doughnut in sight.

  11. Cosmo

    Sprayed with breast milk eh???

    Some blokes would pay good money for that...

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Re: Sprayed with breast milk eh???

      disgusting as it maybe, I find that believable. I remember reading an article about "blokes" who want to be dressed in diapers and spanked!

      you really do have very very different type of people in this world!

  12. Dave Murray

    Fixed that for ya

    Robinette was apparently a teacher specialising in "helping children with autism, ADHD and other disorders".

  13. Cunningly Linguistic

    I can see how...

    ..."Robinette is apparently a teacher specialising in "helping children with autism, ADHD and other disorders""... would drive a person to drink and a degree of battyness.

    I wouldn't have liked to have been my teacher.

    Mind you, I wish my teacher had looked like this young lady.

  14. Anonymous Coward

    What a waste...

    ... of ice cream raw material.

    Also, pics or it didn't happen.

  15. Winkypop Silver badge

    Had enough?


    Well the other one's loaded just the same...

  16. Arbuthnot Darjeeling

    have you

    got her mobile phone number?

    She's welcome to get pissed at my party any time

    1. Anonymous Coward

      @Darjeeling: Careful what you wish for...

      She's American, which means that inviting her over "to get pissed" might end up with you covered in an extra fluid you weren't expecting.

      1. LaeMing

        So... like being beaten up? (You didn't specify which of her night's activities was appealing to you, so I just assumed).

  17. Katie Saucey
    Thumb Up

    "Rack of charges"

    I love the Reg

  18. Mickey Finn

    Ohio Jub Milk Bandit...

    Doesn't have quite the same ring as the Illinois Enema Bsndit.

    Never mind, quite amusing anyway.

  19. RollinPowell
    Thumb Up


    whoever writes the tag lines for these stories deserves a pay raise.

    substantial rack of charges.... <insert juvenile giggling here>

  20. Moz


    "Some blokes would pay good money for that..."

    Some people pay good money for a Cleveland Steamer, but if any one did it to me I'd be pretty hacked off, to say the least.

    Completely down in the dumps, even.

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    A bust-up was it?

    Well done. On a more serious note, "the man" has deprived her poor child of libation. The poor kid's going to have to go cold turkey. 'tsa pity.

  22. Chris Seiter

    C&C Laws

    Her Conceal and Carry id number is 3OO3IES.

  23. Captain TickTock

    New icon request

    Bio-hazard - after all she'd consumed, that was no ordinary milkshake...



  24. Captain TickTock

    Anyone remember...

    ...Bunfight at the OK Tearooms?

    Tomato squirters at dawn.

  25. Anonymous Coward

    What about the Collar?

    "Having allegedly whacked her husband various times, an "intoxicated" Robinette locked herself in their car, and refused to get out when officers moved in with the cuffs."

  26. Artimus Sedgwicke


    I think this article is going to be milked...

    Good summary of the original article, only semi-skimmed the original..

    Officers could have protected themselves with a Sprayway (R) jacket...

    Thank's to the Reg for keeping us abreast of developments accross the pond.

  27. Head
    Thumb Up


    Substantial rack of charges indeed!

  28. Swedish Chef

    Can we have...

    ...a Playmobil reenactment of that?


    Beer, because it comes in a jug too.

  29. Dan Howarth

    Grammar police should have been called`

    "recognizance" ? Really?


  30. Equitas
    Paris Hilton

    I knew

    that American females tend to have extraordinarily large mammaries. I think it's fairly rare for them to have mammaries which are functional, though. Well done for picking this one up.

    Paris, though I hope she's not jealous of such mammaries. She does use what she has for other purposes.

  31. s. pam Silver badge
    Paris Hilton

    Good Jubbly mubly captain

    Tits ahoy

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