back to article China Tel gets busy Down Under

The world's largest fixed carrier, China Telecom, has quietly opened shop in Australia. The Australian branch of China Telecom formally launched operations in Sydney in mid-June. The strategic regional expansion to Australia follows an aggressive extension of reach via new points of presence in Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    Soon they will offer Cloud services and have all the voice and data traffic routed through China where they will help themselves to useful information.

  2. Graham Wilson
    Thumb Up

    Good -- Another step closer to Telstra's demise.

    Good -- Another step closer to Telstra's demise. Another step closer to true telco competition in Oz.

    One day in the distant future we may even have a level playing field for telco services.

    1. Magani
      Black Helicopters

      A level playing field?

      I agree with both your points (Telstra's demise and a telco level playing field) but I'd humbly suggest that the Chinese are not the folks that you will give you the aforesaid level playing field.

      They've never played fair before. Why should they start now?

      Black chopper as ASIO is obviously listening to them as well...

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