back to article Filer maker BlueArc refiles for IPO

Filer maker BlueArc has refiled for an IPO and wants to raise a hundred million bucks. It first filed for an IPO in 2007, looking for just over $100m, but the recession struck and market conditions stopped it. BlueArc was founded in 1998, and is on the cusp of becoming somewhat long in the tooth for a start-up. It sells …


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  1. Nate Amsden

    3rd time's the charm?

    also filed in 2010 according to you -

    I'd like to see what they have to say about LSI being bought by NetApp. I asked a local BlueArc SE here that when it happened and of course got no reply. It's got to be a tough thing to buy your disk system from a competitor.

    1. Mr Atoz

      Wonder what the other OEMS think?

      I highly doubt that there was no reply because the answer is simple. What can NetApp do with the Engenio disk? Not much more than continue the OEM business because OnTap can't really use it other than with a gateway product. Engenio's business is OEM and BlueArc is not their only OEM customer. You might also ask IBM, Oracle, SGI and TeraData how they feel about buying disk from NetApp. It's business as usual, Engenoe sells an OEM product and BlueArc uses it as well as DDN and HDS.

  2. alwarming

    People buying shareholders will gamble on growth.

    Or, a "bigger shareholder" who will buy them out.

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