back to article LG delays Optimus 2X Gingerbread update for Brits

LG has confirmed that British owners of of its Optimus 2X smartphone will have to wait until September for its promised Android 2.3 Gingerbread update. The update was expected in the "mid June or July" timeframe, according to LG UK's Facebook page. However, in response to a question about the Gingerbread release, the company …


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  1. MikeyD85

    Total Joke

    I feel for those stuck with this disaster of a device. LG have admitted there are some incompatibilities between the Tegra drivers and Froyo, leaving people with devices which simply are not reliable at all. So glad I got rid!

  2. GazP
    Thumb Down


    Do any of the big manufacturers actually upgrade their Android phones in a timely fashion? I know from personal experience that Motorola are very poor at keeping their promises in this area and it looks form this like LG aren't much better...

  3. Jean-Paul

    And here we go again

    Gosh the updates are very slow aren't they. So LG has delays, and then the networks will delay for another year. Brilliant.

  4. richard 7

    WIshing I hadnt gone this route.

    Had two older Lg Phones (anyone remeber the U820) and since then stayed away. Wanted to go get a new phone, I wanted a Desire Z but it'd been discontinued, Desire HD was huge and the new one not due out. SO I thought hey, Its Android, surely LG cant arse that up?

    Well missing out the random black screens, reboots and crashes its a really really good phone. However reliability wise its everything i've come to expect from LG. I really hope this update fixes it because there are thousands in the same boat as me.


  5. Alan Denman

    This OS will self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck. Steve

    The trick is to supply an upgrade that cripples the phone and then to leaves a permanent drive by security hole. This seems to have happened to the 3g so is the 3GS next on the hit list?

    That way you can sell more new models.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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