back to article Brits stereotyped by app popularity chart

Google Maps and Yahoo Weather are Britain's most popular apps, industry data reveals. According to research from comScore on behalf of GSMA, Google Maps - which comes pre-loaded on most Android devices - was accessed by 6.4m unique users in April 2011, while Yahoo Weather hit second with 3.57m. Considering we spend most of …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Obviously incorrect

    Not a single "adult" application on that list...

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    default installation?

    is this like IE is (was?) the most popular browser on computers using MS Windows?

    (Personally, I use the Met Office iPhone App)

  3. Detective Emil
    Black Helicopters

    Caution. Sheep shearing in progress.

    Following the links that lead eventually to the long and creepy promotional video from GSMA Mobile Metrics, I'm glad I'm resident in a small market that's unlikely to be mined for this kind of information in the near future. Tinfoil hat owners in the UK (the lucky world premier recipients of such close scrutiny) may want to pay as much attention to hiding their phone's browser trail as they do to that of their PC...

  4. Dayjo

    arse to mouth traffic

    Just had horrible flashbacks to watching The Human Centipede... thanks for that.

  5. JB

    Yahoo! Stocks?????!?

    Definitely a pre-installed app - who would be daft enough to invest in stocks i this economy!

  6. Alain Moran

    Weather talk

    IMO people talk about the weather as a way of discussing their innermost feelings!

    If on a hot day, someone says how wonderful the weather is then you can be pretty sure they are happy inside, if they complain about how awful the heat is then there could be a deeper explanation ;)

    Those people who ramble about how great it is to go running through the fallen leaves, or crunching about in deep snow probably have a different outlook to those whingeing about the overcast skies, or freezing cold ;)

  7. Spanners Silver badge

    This reminds me

    When I went to college - long long ago*, I found an extra subject in my timetable - Sociolinguistics.

    Apparently, we Brits talk about the weather with strangers so that we can size up the other guy. It is something we all have common experience of and we make some (sometimes dodgy) conclusions about the other guy based on his accent, vocabulary speech style and so on.

    I think we still do this and are adding in more personal analysis by seeing the other parties smartphone and adding conclusions about it as well.

    I feel a thesis coming on...

    (* Oh yes, what was the course? Civil Engineering. I am sure someone will see a connection there. I never have.)

  8. Billl

    When thinking of our British friends...

    I am always reminded of the time I was telling my sister that I hadn't realized that her friend was gay. She replied that he was not, he was British. From then on I always make sure that when I am about to make a generalization about someones sexual orientation I am always sure to check myself and ask "Is he British?"

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