back to article Red Hat: 'Yes, we'll break $1 billion this year'

Red Hat's top brass talks a good game about being concerned with the global macroeconomic situation, but the truth of the matter is that what Red Hat has is selling despite the economy, or maybe because of it. And all that the world's largest beneficiary of the open source community needs to do is not screw it up and it will …


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  1. peter 45

    funny how

    You can't make money from open source.

    1. El Cid Campeador


      Just goes to show--they must be offering good support or people wouldn't be renewing. Open Source can and is generating profits.

  2. ehoffman

    Good decision after all...

    RedHat make money from support, and installing RedHat require to provide a license key.

    Sure, the source is available, this is how CentOS and Oracle's Unbreakable Linux (that's the name of their distribution) is based on RedHat source.

    However, the decision of RedHat to obfuscate the source code this year seem to have paid off. There's no more CentOS or Oracle Linux based on the new RedHat. The source is still available (since it's GPL), but have all patches pre-applied, making it somewhat very hard to reverse-engineer the changes (must be hard, since there's still no CentOS 6 after half a year).

    With no other 'clone' distros around, RedHat is flying solo, taking the money from all the companies that are used to using free clone distributions as CentOS.

    1. Richard 33

      Re: ehoffman

      Red Hat do not "obfuscate the source code". CentOS 6 is delayed entirely down to problems with CentOS and the CentOS team. Scientific Linux managed a release of 6.0 ages ago.

    2. Emo

      Check yourself, before you wreck yourself.

      CentOS 6.0 is due out 27/06/11.

      Check it out.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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