back to article Malicious software downloads invade WordPress

WordPress is requiring all account holders on the website to change their passwords following the discovery that hackers contaminated it with malicious software. The password reset comes after three popular plugins were found to contain “cleverly disguised backdoors” that had been uploaded by unauthorized people, …


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  1. Alan Brown Silver badge

    Longer than 48 hours...

    I've been getting random spam containing addthis URLs for a few months.

  2. HongwenZhangWedge

    Social Media Security

    Thanks for the updates. It is clear that even large organizations such as Wordpress need to implement new security strategies. The validity of ensuring network layer Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) for corporations is fast becoming a necessity to prevent the outflow of user/corporate data, however, any enterprise that captures and distributes data and/or plug-ins needs to become hyper-vigilant. Our company, Wedge Networks has focused on building such solutions for years, and is leading efforts to prevent the good things from flowing out, and bad things from flowing in.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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