back to article Your NFC tap-pay phone: Soon a movie or train ticket too

The three largest UK network operators have banded together to create a standard platform for NFC applications and a standard way for operators to make money out of the technology. Network operators have spent the last half decade struggling to see how they could make money from Near Field Communications, despite being asked …


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  1. Stuart Halliday

    NFC using shop sighted.

    Oddly Gregs the bakers in Scotland are one of the first highstreet shops to get NFC terminals.

    I asked a woman in Gregs about it and was told the minimum payment was £3. Hmmmm... So much for small units of cash. Most items in Gregs cost less than 90p!

  2. David Harris 1

    I can't see the point

    A solution looking for a problem?

    1. dave 76

      a great solution

      If you have ever used Felica in Japan or Octopus in Hong Kong you will appreciate the benefits. In HK especially you can use it for payment virtually anywhere and many buildings use it for ground floor door access also.

      I admit, I feel nervous about having my octopus automatically set to reload from my bank account so I don't do that, but you can set a maximum amount per transaction and a maximum amount per day on the card to provide some safeguards.

      there probably is a minimum transaction level but I haven't found that yet, everything I have wanted to purchase has worked.

      But I am sure the UK mobile operators can bugger this up and provide a more expensive, less capable system.

  3. Ray 8
    Paris Hilton

    NFC in Gregs

    That iss a lot of sausage rolls to buy in order to use it....

    Paris coz she likes sausage rolls

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