back to article Eclipse splashes Indigo release for Java devs

The Eclipse Foundation has released Eclipse Indigo, a beefy brace of projects that executive director Mike Milinkovich tells The Reg is the biggest release for Java developers "in quite a few years." Spun out a decade ago by IBM as a open-source framework for connecting Java and C++ tools, Eclipse has grown beyond server-side …


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  1. Asgard

    What new Eclipse features does it have?

    I knew Eclipse was complicated, but I didn't realize it was this complicated. Thanks for the info, its going to take a while to digest what it can and can't do. :)

    I was hoping for a coffee making feature. Always useful for programming. ;)

  2. Cazzo Enorme


    Rather than suffering with Eclipse, developers could try NetBeans instead. After years of sticking with a simple syntax highlighting editor, thanks to several underwhelming attempts to use Eclipse, I decided to give NetBeans a go last year. Compared to Eclipse, it seems to be much better designed and implemented, with none of the confusion, instability and glitching I experienced with Eclipse.

  3. saundby

    Eclipse, Netbeans, Vim, and BlueJ

    Each one has its place. I use them all.

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