back to article iPhone 5 gets iPad 2 chip and souped-up snapper

The iPhone 5 rumour mill was in full swing again this morning after further reports suggest the revamp of Apple's tech talker will arrive this September with a more powerful processor and an advanced camera. It isn't the first time an early-Q3 release has been mentioned. Following several similar whispers, a "previously …


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  1. Atonnis

    iPhone 5

    To be honest it would seem a bit weird if iOS 5 was released but then the next device was called the iPhone us techies who are happy with version numbers being different it may seem OK, but to the consumer it might seem a bit of a 'well, I'll wait until the proper iPhone 5 then' situation.

  2. KroSha


    "It was claimed that as the device will upgrade to an all-new operating system, iOS 5, the company may cease to guarantee all iOS apps run on older models."

    The Apple product page indicates that iOS5 will run on iPhone 3GS & 4. This should help compatibility issues. As long as the OS runs...

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    1. dssf

      Suing Left, Right & Centre...

      As far as I'm concerned, Samsung's Galaxy Tab, 10.1:

      is a keyboardless extension of Samsung's -pre-iPad SyncMaster 206BW LCD

      Apple cannot expect that it would hold a monopoly on an idea that just needed massive market uptake. Besides, Apple has no interest in making iPads affordable to ALL people, and, by trying to cock-block the market of derivatives or alternative but very alike-looking tablets, Apple would deny others similar functionality. It wouldn't like that if it were barred from making laptops...

      Apple knows how blend tech and sexy appeal. That's their biggest strength. But, it is not the only way to live.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    yeah and when will the UI be updated? OLD & BORING now

    The interface is now about ten years old.


    Way behind the times now

  5. ThomH Silver badge

    Pretty safe guesses then?

    Bits I could have figured out for myself:

    (1) Apple will launch a new iPhone this year;

    (2) it'll be faster than the old iPhone.

    Adding a higher resolution camera is something I might not have guessed, though that's because I don't see the point; photos I take on my phone tend to be imperfect for a bunch of non-pixel resolution related reasons, and as good as anything I get from any other point and shoot camera.

    I guess the form has more or less settled down again.

  6. Dave's Jubblies

    Allow me to rephrase that for you...

    so the question still remains: will it be the iPhone 5 or the iPhone 4-something and do I actually give a toss?

  7. Anonymous Coward

    More importantly

    Will it be available in white within a year or two of launch?

  8. Daniel Owen

    Apple to stick to (roughly) year refresh

    Not really a surprise.

    Given that most contracts are 12 or 24 month contracts these days how would it make business sense to do anything else?

    All the people who purchased a 3GS at release on 24 month contracts are all coming up to the end of those contracts.

  9. Ammaross Danan

    So, what happened to....

    "The same source also spoke of a new iPad display with a resolution one-third higher than the that of the iPad 2."

    So, what happened to that mythical 2X resolution screen at 2048x1538 that all the iFans were cheering on about for the iPad2?

    Yes, it's a retorical question.

  10. tmTM

    Blindingly obvious stated?

    Iphone to use the new Apple chip?!?! You'd never of guessed.

    After going to the trouble to create the pretty epic A5 chip it wasn't like they were going to push it to one side and stick something from Qualcomm inside was it?

    Apple has slowly improved the camera on the iphone, so a newer bigger version is hardly surprising.

    I await the enevitable comformation of the 4"-4.3" screen.

    The only thing that might be of interest is if NFC is included.

  11. regprentice


    These incremental upgrades are not going to tempt 3GS users unless apple bite the bullet and upgrade to 64gb capacity.

  12. Chris O'Shea

    Compatibility with older phones long gone ...

    "the company may cease to guarantee all iOS apps run on older models"

    As an owner of a 1st gen iPhone, it's been a while since I could rely on an iOS app running on my phone ....

  13. Robert Synnott

    RE: Epic Fail

    "only offering minimal hardware updates."

    Minimal? Hmm? I would think that the iPad upgrade was a little more than 'minimal'. It went from a single core A8 with a GPU half the speed of the Tegra 2 to a dual-core A9 with a GPU five times the speed of the Tegra 2. What would you call a major upgrade, waiting another two years and going for a quad A15?

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