back to article Tilera throws gauntlet at Intel's feet

Upstart mega-multicore chip maker Tilera has not yet started sampling its future Tile-Gx 3000 series of server processors, and companies have already locked in orders for the chips. That is how eagerly hyperscale data center operators are anticipating some alternative to power-hungry Xeon processors from Intel and Opteron …


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  1. Tom 7

    Each core burns 1/2 watt!

    Give me a 36 core in a handheld that runs on a couple of processors while on battery and then pops up to say '42' when I plug in the recharger - Angry Birds in 6D...

  2. Michael H.F. Wilkinson

    Sounds interesting

    Given the speed-up we get on 24 core machines, I would like to pit them against these machines

  3. envmod


    that processor looks a lot like the one that used to be in arnie's T-600 and was left in that factory :0

  4. King1Con

    Looks like the T Strategy

    Looks like the strategy used to develop the SPARC T-line of processors... right down to the embedded 10 GigE

    What's old is new again!

    1. toughluck

      Why doesn't Tilera compare their CPU to SPARC?

      Interestingly, Tilera didn't seem to show whether there are any advantages in the merge-sort when compared to a SPARC T3 CPU. Since T3 is also made on 40 nm, the comparison would make sense in that regard, especially since both CPUs are RISC designs.

  5. BozNZ
    Thumb Up

    Competition is good

    I really wonder what would be powering our PC's now if Intel had no competition?

  6. Captain TickTock

    And can it...

    ... run Crysis IV...?

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