back to article Apple lets slip Time Capsule update

Apple has inadvertently confirmed the arrival of a rumoured update to its Time Capsule network storage device. The company’s web site touts the 2TB and 3TB models but the 'Buy now' links on the US web site take you to the older 1TB and 2TB versions. Apple Time Capsule 3TB Recent US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) …


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  1. Alan Denman

    5 into 1 is a no go.

    It does not that a genius to realise that every IOS device is designed/crippled to create a need for another device.

    Things like USB OTG, HDMI, SDHC and open app store systems do not put a $70 billion cash pile under your mattress.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Hardly worth getting excitied about it

    Its just a Bigger hard drive.... you could always DIY

  3. SuccessCase

    Actually there is likely something new here

    Cult of Mac reported "a reliable source" has told them the updated Time Capsule will be integrated with the cloud service, so you can keep your data stored locally and the Apple cloud servers to all the service connection. So it seems Apple are making a "keep full ownership of your data" play.

    If they are indeed doing this, as a philosophy this will stand in stark contrast to Google, who have built the ability to see into your documents and review their fundamental structure into the way Google Docs works. Why? because they want to process your content to target ads at you. Personally I feel there are serious privacy and ethical concerns about this approach.

    Google are essentially pushing the concept of the thin client, which has been a perfectly feasible technical possibility for years. But the customer didn't ever previously bite, primarily due to the unease we have with the rental model, that is built into the human psyche.

    There's no doubt thought that Google have done more than anyone else to date though. And also running a system where the customer doesn't feel the pain of the cost of their service (e.g. being advertising driven), means they may well win out where others failed (IBM, Oracle to name two).

    So this is something of a fundamental battle of computing philosophy.

    Google, who say "you can have cake for free," just give me sight of your data and trust us, or Apple who say "we will charge you a healthy price but you retain control."

    Personally I prefer the latter. I feel I can trust the model more. The fair exchange of money for a product or service a company has built to be the best value it can achieve appeals to me. But many will feel differently. I've said it before in these comments, but I feel both Apple and Google are perfectly sincere in their philosophical differences.

    Things are set to get very interesting indeed.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    With as tight lipped as Apple is . . .

    . . . nothing has gotten leaked nor has slipped out. It's all marketing. With their new "mix it up" release schedules and these "slips" this is only Apple (and the rest of the world) putting their new spin on a market that is nipping at every ones heels. Also the Fanbois have gotten to use to their staunch schedules and overly demanding of a performance on these dates, that if it were me in Steve's place, I'd mix it up some also to ruffle the natives.

  5. M7S

    "Buy now? Buy later" - Buy it anywhen.

    If it's a Time Capsule surely that's not a problem, you just need to find a seller who's been able to master the hexagonal control panel.

    The one with the long multi-coloured scarf.

  6. Volker Hett

    even as a Macbook and iPad owner

    I don't feel the need for this type of hard disk. It can't replace my VDSL/WiFI/GBE router and it is not as secure as a WD sharespace 4TB for 100 Euros less. Smaller and quieter but with only one disk unusable for backups.

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