back to article Microsoft gains DoJ anti-trust approval on Skype buy

Thr US Department of Justice approved Microsoft's $8.5bn acquisition of Luxembourg-based Skype Technologies SA on Friday. The software giant said last month that it was buying Skype in a deal that went into the Redmond history books as the biggest takeover ever bagged by Microsoft. That's despite the fact that many questioned …


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  1. Jad

    I wonder if they are celebrating ...

    ... or commiserating.

    If it had been rejected it would have given them a good reason not to buy the overpriced piece of crud ...

  2. Turtle

    An unfortunate turn of events. . .

    A very unfortunate turn of events for Microsoft: the FTC could have stopped them from completely wasting $8.5bn.

  3. Bilgepipe


    Let's hope this goes better than the Danger buyout.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Best Buy....

    Since Henry Palfrey (Ian Carmichael) buys a Swiftmobile from The Winsome Welshmen in School For Scoundrels.

    Skype shareholders must be laughing their rocks off.

  5. Battsman

    Qik Sucks

    I took some minor personal pleasure in seeing the two QIK executives being released. That might have something to do with Sprint force bundling QIK's battery hog software onto my EVO without the opportunity to remove it sans root (and it is a work phone).

  6. PeterM42

    Best Buy....?

    Looks like Ballmer will buy ANYTHING these days.

    Bill G would be turning in his grave (if he were dead).

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