back to article Huawei outs 'first' Android 3.2 7in tablet

Chinese handset maker Huawei has taken the wraps off its latest tablet: the 7in, Android 3.2-based MediaPad - the first of its kind to run that version of the Google OS, Huawei claimed. Huawei confirmed that 3.2 is the first version of Honeycomb to be "suitable" for 7in tablets - previous versions, 3.0 and 3.1, are not, said …


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  1. DrXym Silver badge


    If it's a 7in tablet (the distance between corners) and it's probably 16:10 device which at 217dpi means it's 1280x800. So same resolution as a larger 10" screen at a lower DPI.

  2. Robert E A Harvey
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    I am puzzled by this idea that the OS is designed for a particular size/resolution of screen. It does suggest some very odd assumptions in the early design stage. I wonder what other corners have been cut?

    1. DrXym Silver badge

      It isn't

      Android can work with various resolutions and DPIs. More likely for 3.x is that Google picked one resolution / dpi which is good enough for the 1st generation of tablets and tested their apps with that. That's much easier to do that getting layouts working perfectly on some arbitrary resolution & dpi. Now 3.x is out in the while I expect they're working to open up to more resolutions and DPIs eventually leading to 2.x and 3.x merging back into a single product line that serves tablets and phones.

    2. Robert Carnegie Silver badge

      This is why Fitaly stopped developing for Palm

      and Palm died. ;-) And afaik Fitaly isn't available for Android at all, yet. (Not legally. But I think not at all.)

      Fitaly on-screen keyboard had to do some freaky things to pop up on top of the Palm display, I gathered: it wasn't designed with that in mind. But then each new device, almost, needed a different customisation of the Fitaly software to work. After one too many such changes, Fitaly's developer(s) declared defeat.

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      They also don't appear to check for dates that any user can set freely but will lead to bricking the device

  3. sproot


    If the screen's 7" then with the ratio in the pic and the pxel density stated the display looks to be about 1280x820. Not earth shattering then.....

  4. rpawsey

    Insert Title Here

    I guess price & carrier uptake will determine the success of this device. By a few calculations the screen resolution can be estimated at somewhere around 1200 x 900 which is pretty decent for a display this size.

  5. Stuart Halliday


    Anyone know why 3.1 isn't suitable for 7" tablets?

  6. OffBeatMammal

    hope ths price is good

    the market is heating up but at the moment things like the Xoom or Streak are just too expensive... for a second rate iPad why pay iPad prices?

    I'm really looking forward to a pockatable Android that I can use for books, music, maps and as a web companion and simple note taking in meetings (though the lack of pen input on any of these devices is IMHO a huge failing) but I don't really want to buy into the Apple ecosystem (I've bought apps in the Android market so want to continue to use them rather than re-purchase for a new platform)

    So far none of the Android tablets have really impressed. They fail on a number of counts - too slow, too think, huge bezel, require seperate power bricks, not enough battery life

    The only way for an Android slate to be the iPad challenger is actually apply the same fanatical engineering to the problem, and not assume it's something that's only got a 6 month life span

  7. Anonymous Coward
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    Currently working with enginers from Huawei so will ask them for a full spec tomorrow I think, if it's competatively priced then this could be a winner

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