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When it comes to superhero videogame sequels, it pays to be honest about your expectations. With the most compelling elements exhausted in the original – namely the collection and mastering of superpowers – all you can realistically hope from a sequel is one of two clichés. Will it go for the cheap shot and rob you of your …


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  1. Sampler

    level backwards

    Wouldn't a superhero sequel be the perfect setting to try out reverse levelling?

    You start out a master of all your powers but each battle takes its toll, you slowly start to lose strength and stamina over time as your exhaustion from battle wrecks your physique. With that you lose grip on your more powerful attacks as you're simply not in shape to perform them.

    This then ever increases the challenge throughout the game, instead of becoming a near unstoppable behemoth by the mid-point, battling tanks away as if they were flies, you have to become more tactical in your engagements - should I risk fighting that horde or work my way around, conserving strength for those unavoidable confrontations..

    I suppose adding a dimension of realism to a man who can shoot lighting from his bare hands (not bear hands as I initially wrote, he would be too awesome for one game) might not gel that well though :)

  2. Greg J Preece

    Screenshot query

    Bottom of page 2 - isn't that one of the early missions from the first game? When you're still being introduced to climb+shoot they have you get that food drop down, and then you can choose whether or not to slaughter the crowd that comes looking. That square is definitely Empire City.

    1. a33a

      The beginning

      I believe the game begins in empire city.

      The graphics look improved in this screen shot.

      I've just finished this amazing game after the PSN freebie (Infamous 1).

    2. Anonymous Coward

      @Greg J Preece

      Yes it is - Cole doesn't have his big thwacky prongs in it, which is another thing the reviewer failed to mention.

      The melee combat is much improved, making it more fun to get right into the middle of the group and start beating them with your electrified metal tuning fork!

      And your powers DO get taken away from you. I still don't have my shield or missile attacks back yet - sure they're given back quite quickly, but I'd say it's more the way the game works now that makes things easier, rather than the full arsenal of Cole's powers.

      Also, no mention of the different choices? The good/evil missions are far better than last time around.

      I remember when game reviews actually talked about the features of the game, rather than just a select few of them heavily layered with the reviewers opinion.

      Score's probably about right, but I'd add another 10% just for the joy of moving around the city on its own.

      It's fun. That's all the qualifier I need.

  3. MJI Silver badge

    original game is fun

    And pretty good for free

    thanks Sony

    Tempted to buy this for the Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta code

  4. Erroneous Howard

    Not sure about this one

    I've only played the demo of Infamous 2 whereas I had played the original through a couple of times (good and evil) but my immediate feeling was that the controls felt like they had been overcomplicated. I didn't like the way that at least a couple of the buttons now seem to have dual functions (L3 I think is one - depending if you are in range of a power source or not?), and they seem to have done away with the standard attack lightning "bolt" and gone for some sort of ball of electricity.

    I was going to buy the new version, but based upon the experience of the demo I decided to wait until I can get it cheaply, probably as a preowned copy.

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