back to article Sony teases tablet fans with bizarre 'mousetrap' vid

Sony has posted a teaser video for its upcoming 9.4in Android tablet, the S1, and its a good 'un. Unsurprisingly, perhaps, it says absolutely nothing about the gadget itself, focusing instead on creating a buzz around the device through snappy visuals and a seemingly single-take spectacle. Well, you see what we mean: The …


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  1. Richard IV

    There's a reason it looks single take

    It's rendered.

  2. ColinP
    Thumb Up


    Honda just called. They want their advert back.

    1. Marcus Aurelius

      Arrgh you robbed my post about a minute

  3. BristolBachelor Gold badge


    I sat to the end of this, thinking that maybe something would happen, but noooo. Only the worlds slowest ever trainset. I don't want to know how much they were paid for that.

    1. Asgard

      @"the worlds slowest ever trainset"

      It was strangely agonizing watching that slow train. :)

      I think its the expectation, wondering what the train is going to do. Kind of disappointing in the end though, as it was hard to read the shadows it produced, but the effect of the parallax shadows (near the beginning) was interesting.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Is that the best they could manage?

    A far better implementation of this idea was used by Honda several years ago.

    TBH this one is so slow I find it quite boring.

  5. Jay 2

    Yeah all very well and good...

    If this is to be a bit of a series, let's hope that at least one of the ads actually tells us something about the product or shows it in action. Unlike the original PS3 ads which only seemed to remember such things at the end of the ad when mentioning the product name.

    Creating awareness of a product is fine, but average consumer may be a bit more swayed if they can at least see the damn thing!

  6. Marcus Aurelius

    Honda called

    They want their ad-campaign back

  7. Huey

    Someone's bored

    I do like those kind of ads shame it's Sony and I won't be having a second look at it.

    Probably be a good product but those bridges are long burnt.

    1. SteveBalmer

      Are you an idiot?

      Suffering inferior products just because Microsoft told you to not buy Sony?

      1. MarkyG

        Et tu

        As opposed to suffering inferior products just because you love Sony, eh?

  8. Martijn Otto

    Say 'no' to Sony

    All well and good, but will Sony sue us for rooting it?

    1. Anonymous Coward
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      Makes a change...

      ..from them rooting us.

      Oh, I've not forgotten about that, no £££ for you.

      1. Anonymous Coward

        get over it

        I just don't understand this childish mentality of treating a company like it's an individual person that has done you some harm. Sony is a huge company and one division screwed up, in fact it was probably just a handful of people responsible. Get over it all ready.

        Do you also boycott Volkswagen, Fiat, Bayer, Porsche, Boss, IBM, Kawasaki, Mitsubishi and other such companies that worked for the axis powers during WW2?

  9. Bilgepipe

    Car Advert

    Looks like a car advert - i.e. nothing to do with the actual product.

  10. teebie

    "Sony S1: slow boring and a poor imitation"

    "Sony S1: slow boring and a poor imitation"

    Submitted at

    Is that really the impression they want to give?

    Or is it "If we aren't doing anything for 117 seconds, that's 117 seconds in which we didn't fuck up"

  11. Anonymous Coward


    This ad needs more whalesong, the use of the word "magical" (if Apple hasn't already copyrighted it), and more happy, slim, well-dressed metrosexuals with white teeth, happy and laughing in a suitable, well-lit metrosexual social situation.

    pah, humbug.

  12. Dave Murray


    Bad advert. I kept thinking the tablet had the I Love You virus, not exactly a selling point.

  13. XMAN

    Same video

    Are we watching the same video? That was absolutely naff! Boring 2.0

  14. FuzzyTheBear

    Drugs explains it.

    Those people are on crack cocaine or LSD .. well at least they are on something :)

    This advert is not worth the blank dvd it came on.More crap that will thankfully be forgotten tomorrow morning , meanwhile , i'm going back to bed to make sure if it gets on the air that i miss it.

  15. Erroneous Howard


    And not even a good ripoff of the Honda ad. It looks like it is entirely CGI anyway, which makes it less impressive even then some of the tech demos I recall seeing when buying new Nvidia and ATI graphics cards.

    If you're going to take off someone elses idea, at least do it better.

  16. Munchausen By Taxi


    Ignoring the fact that it's an advert, I quite like the leisurely CGI visuals. The lighting/shadows are quite effective. Someone's been at the Blender...

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Didn't make sense unless just about all the 'reactions' used light sensing devices i.e. knocked a ball and a light went out.

    This advert was painfully slow and dull and you didn't even get a look at the product.. . apparently it's wedge shaped (according to the article).

  18. DZ-Jay

    Would someone please describe it?

    Would someone please describe the video? YouTube is banned at the office and I can't figure out what's wrong with the advert just by reading the comments.


  19. fLaMePrOoF


    Slow, boring, lame fail.

  20. Graham Marsden


    ... what they're saying is that their tablet takes 1'57" to basically do damn all?


  21. Mr Jolly


    This version is the best

  22. Blubster
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    The only other thing Sony has said is that the S1 will run Android 3. ®

    Does it also come with a rootkit?

  23. Stuart Halliday


    Must have worked if we're talking about it? ;)

  24. Robin Layfield

    I thought *this* was Sony's ad campaign

    Genius spoof promo from the Onion,14309/

    the actual ads they show about two-thirds of the way through the clip are more compelling than this one

    er NSFW. kinda. if you don't like swearing where you work

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